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How to deploy Papercut Mobility Print in Google Workspace?

Ever since Google Cloud print was discontinued, Papercut Mobility Print was the go to printing solution for Chromebook. In this article we explain how to configure Papercut Mobility Print in Google Workspace.

As described by Papercut, Mobility Print is the free alternative for Google Cloud Print. You don’t require a Papercut subscription to use Mobility Print and it works independent of core Papercut solution.

Install and Configure Mobility Print Server

Mobility Print Server need to be installed and configured on a local server/workstation on the same network. You can refer to installing PaperCut Mobility Print Server for instructions.


Once installed make sure you have selected Use a Known Host configuration.

Deploying Mobility Print Extension with JSON config

Now you need to deploy the Mobility Print extension to your users on Chrome. For this, login to Google Admin Console and deploy the following extension.

Under “Policy for extensions“, enter following JSON code.

 { "MobilityPrintServerHosts": { "Value": ["http://serverIP:9163"] } }

Here, ServerIP is the IP address of the server/workstation where Mobility Print server is installed.

Now set the extension to be forced installed for all users.


Troubleshooting Printers not showing on Chrome with Mobility Print

If you are still not able to see printers deployed from Mobility Print, try below troubleshooting step.

  1. The Client device should be on the same network as Mobility Print server.
  2. Confirm connectivity with Mobility Print server by opening http://ServerIP:9163/printers on the client. This should list all deployed printers.
  3. If you are using Proxy, ensure you add proxy exception for http://ServerIP:9163.
  4. Ensure Mobility Print extension is getting installed in Chrome.
  5. Check printers are deployed from Mobility Print Server.

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