Review: How good is Tibber as electricity provider in Netherlands?

Tibber is one of the electricity providers in Netherlands offering dynamic electricity pricing based on hourly electricity rates. Compared to traditional electricity providers offering fixed or variable rates, hourly rates can be often cheaper.

Electricity Rates

The electricity rates can vary depending on time of the day. But recent times it is often around 0.15-0.35 EUR per KWh depending on the time of day. Some times the rates could even go negative which means you earn back for using electricity.

Tibber App

One of the main advantages of Tibber is their app which gives you detailed insight into electricity rates. It can show live electricity rates as well rates for next day. Further, it provides notification when their rates expected to fall drastically or go up. So you can plan your usage accordingly.

Another feature of the app is Smart charging for your EVs. This allow you to schedule charging when the electricity rate is at the lowest. The app also offers integration with varienty of manufactures app such as Tesla and BMW to sync charging info from the vechicle.

What you need?

Tibber is available across Netherlands. However, you need a Smart meter at home to switch to Tibber. If you don’t have one, please check with your grid operator to see if they can upgrade your current meter. Currently, grid operators such as Liander is upgrading old meters to Smart meter for free.

Free Credit 50 EUR

If you decide to switch o Tibber, please consider using below link and you will receive 50 EUR in your account.

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