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IPP path for printers by manufacture: Google Native Printing

Since Google Cloud Printing has been discontinued, Google has been pushing towards native printing for Chromebook users in Google Workspace.

Native printing make use of IPP(Internet Printing Protocol) for sending the print request to the printers. IPP has been around for several years and is available on most network printers. The challenging part is finding the IPP port or the path as it varies from manufacture to manufacture. The best option is to check the printer manual to find the path.

We have analyzed IPP printing from several manufactures and created below list of IPP path used by different manufactures for their printers.

Manufacture IPP Path Referance
RISO printer’s IP/ipp/lp
Konica printer’s IP/ipp
Ricoh printer’s IP/printer
Sharp printer’s IP:631/ipp
Canon printer’s IP/ipp
Kyocera printer’s IP:631/ipp/lp1 Kyrocera Support
HP printer’s IP:631/ipp/print  

Tip: Use Driverless configuration when adding printer in Google Workspace.

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