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Solution: Google Classroom error could not attach file, attach file you own

This is one of the most common errors in Google Classroom when student try to submit there work. Even though the student owns the file this error appear which doesn’t make any sense.

Error: could not attach file , attach file you own

However, this error occur due to a combination of two incorrect sharing settings. The first settings is configured in Google Admin console for the drive settings.

Many establishment disable external file sharing under Google Drive settings for students. However, this should not stop students from submitting there work. However, wat is happening here is that the Google Classroom has “Anyone with link” can access sharing turned on. So basically uploading this this folder means external sharing. Combining these two settings Google will block the upload generating this error.

Solution 1: Disable link sharing(Anyone with link can access) on the Classroom folder (For Classroom Teachers)

  1. Open Google Drive and navigate to Classroom folder.
  2. Find the classroom folder.
  3. Right click the folder and select Share.
  4. Click “Change” under Get link.
  5. Click “Anyone with link” and select “Restricted
  6. Done

Solution 2: Enable external sharing for student OU (For Admins)

  1. Login to Google Admin Console
  2. Navigate to Apps -> Google Workspace -> Drives and Docs
  3. Click Sharing Settings
  4. Select Student OU
  5. Click on Sharing Outside
  6. Turn on Sharing Outside

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