CoWIN Email Alert for Vaccine Slot Availability Age 18+ (All Kerala)

Many of you may be already using a vaccine notification service. We have also created a similar alert system for sending email alerts on CoWIN vaccine slot availability. Receive email alert as soon as slots are open for your district. The tracker is exclusive for Kerala and is faster than other trackers out there. Register your email for alert at below link.

CoWIN Vaccine Tracker:

Features of CoWIN Tracker

  • Exclusive for Kerala State (Less load)
  • Checks slot every min (Faster alerts)
  • Checks open slots for next 7 days (More days)
  • Email notification via Google Groups (No delays)
  • Trackers only age 18+ slot availability
  • Notification only for more than 10 slots
  • Alert based on Dose 1 vaccine availability
  • Record data in Spreadsheet for reference
Fig: Sample Email Alert

The data collected by the tracker is also recorded to a spreadsheet which can be used for future reference. This will be helpful to identify which all hospitals in your district are administering COVID19 vaccine for age 18+ group. Check CoWIN tracker data for all Kerala and each district at below link.

CoWIN Tracker Vaccine Availability Data for Age 18+ (All Kerala Districts) – Live Data Spreadsheet

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