If you are wondering how to contact MG University to know the status of your application or for any other queries this article contains the contact details and process to be followed.

Note: Because of COVID crisis and lockdown, MG University is working with limited staff. Hence, you may not get a response from University easily.

How to know status of your application?

To know the status of the application such as transcript, you need to get in touch with the section that is handling your application at MG University. Follow below steps to identify the section and their contact details.

  1. Download the MG University contact details for each section.
  2. Search for the course you attended.
  3. Under the course, verify that your college name is listed.
  4. Note the email and phone number for the section.

Note: Ensure the section handles both the course and college you have attended.

If you are unable to find section details from above document, refer to below documents.

Examination all sections phone numbers




CBCSS-Other programmes

MG University Contact Details

For all other queries you can contact University on below numbers and email.

MG University helpline numbers: 0481 2731000, 2733626, 2733516, 2733526, 2733535, 2733550, 2733565, 2733580. 

Mobile Numbers: 8330013004, 8330013005, 8330013006, 8330013007, 8330013008, 8330013009.

E-mail ids: mgu@mgu.ac.in, eneraltapaladmn@mgu.ac.in, tapal1@mgu.ac.in

Website:  https://www.mgu.ac.in/disclosure/rti/contact-us/

E-PAYMENT Help Line Number: 0481 2733430, 2732010,
Email Id: epayhelp@mgu.ac.in

How to raise a complaint or escalate to MG University?

Below article contains the process of logging complaint and escalating issues with MG University.

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  1. I’m in Canada now and I require the transcripts for the BCOM completed at an off campus centre of MG university in 2010. How can I get an electronic copy and a copy by post for my transcript? Kindly help me as I wanted to apply for my higher studies and the college is asking for this. Thankyou

  2. Hello, my Canadian university has asked me for my certificate transcripts. Should I get all my certificates attested ? for that should I have to redo the application procedure more than once? I have 4 certificates totally. when I upload my consolidated certificate, I am uploading my semester mark sheets and degree certificates as well. but the amount for payment is shown only for one. That’s y I am confused. Kindly advice. Thanks

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