If you are planning to apply for Germany Blue Card Visa (National D Visa), this article will help you with the application process as wells documents required. This article covers the process of applying for the Long Term Visa(Blue Card National D Visa) at a VFS visa application centers across India.

Note: The minimum salary required to be eligible for Germany Blue Card Visa is €44,304 for IT Professionals, Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers and Doctors. €56,800 for all other professions.

How to apply for Germany Visa via VFS Center?

The easiest way to apply for Germany visa is via VFS visa application centers across India. VFS is the authorized agency by German consulate for handling Visa application in India. You can book an appointment at one of the VFS centers in your state and submit your application at VFS visa application center. VFS will collect your application, take your biometric and application fee along with your passport. Your application will be send to German Consulate for processing and once processed VFS will deliver your stamped passport.

You will need to book in advance to get an appointment at a VFS center. It is best to book your appointment at least one month in advance via below page.


Official Checklist for a German Blue Card National Visa

The official checklist for German Blue Card National Visa on the German Consulate website list the following.

  1. Passport with at least one-year remaining validity: (2 copies)

Take copy of both data pages (First and Last) of your passport. Since the Visa will be stamped in your passport, you need a passport with at least 1 year validity remaining.

  1. Application Form: (2 copies)

Complete the form online and take print out. You need to enter your personal details, job details, travel plan, residence details and reference. The reference should be the contact person for your employer in Germany. For residence, you give the location same as your office address.  

  1. Declaration for Additional contact and legal representation information: (2 copies)

If you are not applying via any agency or representative, you can fill in your details as point of contact for all communications.

  1. Annexure for employment visa: (2 copies)

This form asks for details regarding your employment in Germany. Fill in the required details and as before you can use same location as your work for residence.

  1. Declaration regarding a contract of employment: (2 copies)

This form is required to be filled by your employer. So, ask your employer to complete it and share with you. Email copy should be enough and original is not mandatory.

  1. Proof of qualification and experience certificates: (2 copies)

If you have previous experience, then ask your previous employer for a reference letter for your experience and job responsibilities. In case you have no prior experience, you can use any professional certifications.

  1. Proof of recognition of your academic qualification in Germany: (2 copies)

For this you need to download recognition of your university as well as Degree from Anabin website. Most Indian Universities as well as courses are recognized by Anabin as equivalent degree in Germany.

University status required: H+

Degree:  A3-A4

Verifying your degree

  1. Open Anabin website.
    1. Click on “Suchen nach Abschlüssen” and select country as India.
    1. Find your degree.
    1. Click on the little plus symbol
    1. Print the page as a PDF.

Verifying your university

  1. Open Anabin website.
  2. Click on “Institutionen” and proceed like described above to find your university.
  3. Passport pictures (3 copies)

You need provide 3 passport size photos according to biometric specifications, not older than 6 months.

There have been some changes to photo specification for Long Term Visa and this is not updated on the German Consulate website. The site still has the same specification for all types of visas which specify 70-80% of persons face in the photo. The current specification requires photo with face not more than 60% (till shoulder line). Hence, best to take photo at a studio near VFS centre or after checking with VFS.

  1. German Health Insurance: (2 copies)

It is mandatory to have health insurance in Germany and the amount will be deducted from your payroll. The insurance should normally start from the same day of your employment start date in Germany. You can apply online for insurance from TK or Barmer and use the confirmation letter.

  1. Travel Health Insurance: (2 copies)

Since your German health insurance will start covering only from the day of your employment start date, you probably need a travel insurance to cover for the duration from the date you land in Germany to your employment start date.

You can either apply for travel insurance from a German insurance provider or buy one from an approved insurance provider in India.

Additional Documents Required

Even thought not mentioned in the official check list, you will need below documents.

  1. Declaration on true and complete information: (2 copies)

Even though not mentioned in the official check list, this document is required as per German consulate website. Take two copies and complete this self-declaration form.

2. Education Certificate: (Original and 2 copies)

You need to submit your original education degree certificate at VFS centre along with two copies. This will be returned along with your stamped passport.

3. Declaration regarding fast-track process:

This form is not available on German Consulate website, however, VFS will give you a copy of this form to be completed at the time of your appointment.

If your employer has applied for fast-track process you need to fill in the date of application, authority which they applied and current status.

4. Declaration of Health insurance:

Same as above, this form will be given to you at the time of appointment at VFS. You need to declare that you have taken health insurance in Germany.

5. Employment Offer Letter: (Optional, 2 copies)

Even though not mentioned, it will be helpful if you include two copies of your offer letter for your employment in Germany.

6. Cover Letter: (Optional, 2 copies)

Write a cover letter covering following points. This will help the embassy make a decision since you will not be physical present at the time of processing.

  • Your profession and years of experience.
  • Details of your employment in Germany including, role, salary and start date.
  • Details of your savings to cover expense until you get your first salary
  • Details of your German Health and Travel insurance
  • Residence details (Mention you will find one before travel)
  • Declare you will apply for residence permit once in Germany

6. CV: (Optional, 2 copies)

Prepare a one-page CV and take two copies. This will be same as the one you use for any job application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long it takes to process the Blue Card visa application?

The usual processing time is up to 3 months. However, if your employer has already obtained ZAV(Fast track process), you can get the Visa in just few days to weeks.

If you have any queries, drop a comment below and subscribe to notification. We will respond to all comments as soon as possible.

21 thoughts on “How to Apply for Germany Blue Card Visa in India? Q&A”
  1. I currently have a job offer by a German company for an indefinite period contract and the salary offered is above the standard as suggested for having a EU Blue card as well as I have verified the requirements (university, skilled workers etc.) and they do match to my qualifications.

    I need to understand whether, I can directly apply for EU Blue Card or do I have to have a work visa and apply for the EU Blue card after reaching Germany? There are lot of forums wherein these details are in contrast to each other.

    I am from India, and I have also tried to get in touch with the German consulate, but the phone is continuously unavailable.

    1. EU Bluecard is a residence permit and it can be only applied once you are in Germany with a registered address. What you need is a Long term Visa (D) which is often referred to as Bluecard visa.

  2. Hi,
    The article is very helpful, I have a few questions regarding ZAV and fast-track, My employer has opted for fast-track process and they provided ZAV pre approval letter, do I need to ask for the fast track form in VFS global when I go there for submitting the document?
    Also, will I get the bluecard while staying in india or will I get an entry visa then blue card?

    1. Thanks. They will give you the form. You will get only an entry visa. You need to apply for bluecard once you register your residence in Germany.

      1. Hi,
        Today I went to embassy with My fast track ZAV pre approval letter and other required documents,
        They collected both the document copies and passport and asked me to wait out side the embassy, after an hour they called me and gave me back my passport with Visa (type D) sticked to it, I am confused if there are another steps such as passport stamping(not sure what that is) I need to do or is that it ?

          1. Awesome, Thank you so much for confirming this, That Means I am good to book the ticket right?
            Also I would like to know about airport transit visa, Do I need one when travelling to Germany?

          2. Yep. Transit visa is not required if your connection flight is in few hours. Try Qatar Airways or Emirates if you are traveling to Munich.

  3. Hi, you have mentioned A3/A4 as Education qualification Anabin requirement
    But if I have a PDGM (Postgraduate diploma in the anabin website), this is being counted as PGS – will this work as well?

  4. Hi, Thank you for information. It is very clear and helpful for applying for German visa.
    I have a question though, I am applying for Bluecard visa with my wife and kid as dependents. the question is birth certificate for my wife mandatory for her visa processing in Bangalore consulate?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Thanks. I don’t think birth certificate is required for your wife. Passport is enough and your marriage certificate. Birth certificate might be required for kids.

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