Calicut University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

Below is the process for getting the transcript from Calicut University, Kerala for completing WES evaluation, Canada.

Note: Online portal available for selected certificate services. 

  1. Download the official Transcript application form from Calicut University website and fill it.
  1. Should carry photocopies of all our Calicut University mark list and degree certificate with us including supplementary and improvement mark list along with the Official Transcript application form. If there is an absence of any of the certificates there will be a chance for  WES rejection. (both front and backside of degree certificate required ). There is a Tagore block on the opposite side of the entrance, get an entrance pass to go to Pareeksha bhavan.
  1. In Pareeksha Bhavan, every department, Degree, PG, PHD has different sections in this building. Go and meet the staff and mention your requirement. They will tell us how much amount we need to pay for the transcript.

  The fee is Rs 1655  per a  mark list

Search Fee

After 1 to 3 years of the date of publication of  result Rs 225

After 3 to 10  years of the date of publication of  result Rs 445

After 10 years of the date of publication of  result Rs 830

Postal charges if to Canada is Rs 1400

  1. Go back to Tagore block pay the fees for the transcript and take the photo of the challan. There is a box for depositing application form.

Note: As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have. Any questions please drop a comment below and check back later to see our response.

If you are looking for agents offering transcript service click here. 

61 thoughts on “Calicut University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

  • Anand Francis

    Should I personally have to go to the university for the process or can I send someone with a letter from me?

    • Rafif Latif

      I contacted Mr. Biju – +91 9633059959
      He helped me and made the process easy…..

  • Aaishah

    Does calicult university send the transcripts electronically to wes ?

    • mkerala

      We don’t have information on that. Check with university.


      • But I have only consolidated mark list what to do?


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