If you are leaving Germany to move abroad, then you are obligated to deregister yourself before you leave. In Munich, it is only generally possible to deregister only 7 days before your planned relocation date.

Deregistration process

  1. Download and complete the deregistration form
  2. Book an appointment at the same KVR office you are registered. (Book same appointment as registration process)
  3. Submit your deregistration application along with your passport.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of deregistration right away.

PS: It is also possible to deregister once you left Germany. You can send the form via post to the KVR.

Things to do after registration

Once you have the deregistration confirmation you can cancel most of your contract. Please make sure you cancel all your contracts such as

  1. Insurance
  2. ARD ZDF (Radio Fee)
  3. Telecom contracts

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