GST CMP-08: How to file GST CMP-08 return online?

GST CMP-08 is for all composition dealers and need to be filed every quarter by the 18th of the month following the quarter. Below are the steps to file this online with screenshots.

  1. Login into GST Dashboard.

2. Click on File Returns button

3. Select current Financial Year and Return Filling Period.

4. Click Search and then click prepare Online button

5. Enter details as follows:-

Outward supplies: (Total value of sales during the period)

Central tax: (0.5% of total sales)

Note: Total tax for composition dealers is 1%. So we enter 0.5% as Central tax and state tax will be auto calculated.

6. Click on Proceed to File

7. Click on Create Challan

8. Select Payment modes and click generate challan

9. Select your bank and click Make Payment

10. Once payment is successfully completed, click continue

11. Tick the check box against declaration and select the Authorized Signatory. Click on File GST CMP-08

12. Click File with EVC to generate OTP.

13. Enter OTP and click Validate OTP button.

14. GST return is now successfully filed.

15. To confirm go back to dashboard and select Return Period and click search. The Status for GST CMP-08 is now listed as Filed.

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