MG University WES secondary re verification process


Based on the feedback we had on our last article How To Apply For Transcript From Mahatma Gandhi (MG) University, Kerala, we are detailing the process of WES asking for re-verification once you submit the transcript.

Why WES asking for secondary verification?

Below is the screenshot of an email from WES received by many applicants after submitting the transcript to WES.

As you can see, WES states “increase of fraud” as the primary reason for re-verification. WES directly contacts the university to evaluate authenticity of the documents submitted by both emails and by post.

How to complete the re-verification process?

  1. WES will let you know by email when it has asked the university for secondary verification.
  2. MG University will receive the request both electronically(email) and via post.
  3. MG University contacts the candidate via email within two weeks and asks to pay the re-verification fee.
  4. Visit the online payment portal and pay US $50 per course/degree re-verification fee.

6. Sent the payment receipt via email to MG University by responding to the payment request.

Example email from University

“As per reference, a candidate has to remit $ 50 (Fifty U. S dollars) each for sending re-
verified Official Transcript/Marklists/Degree Certificate, per course, to WES.

Hence you are directed to remit $50( Fifty US dollars) through e-payment mode and
send the soft copy of the receipt to the email ID of the section given below immediately. Your
reverification statement will only be sent to WES after receipt of the e-payment receipt for the above said

Note: Pay $50 for one course (Official Transcript/Marklists/Degree Certificate). No need to pay $50 each for degree certificate, Transcript for the same course.

How long does it take to complete the whole process?

WES typically asks for secondary verification within 2 weeks of getting a transcript from MG University. University should contact you in another two weeks time for the payment. Once you made the payment, it takes about 3 weeks for the university to respond to WES and another week for WES to process. So in total, it can take about 6-8 weeks to process your WES evaluation.

Example timeline:-

11-Dec – WES asks university for re-verification

24-Dec – MG University sends the email for payment (within 2 weeks)

25-Dec- Online payment made and receipt submitted

15-Jan – MG university respond to WES email request (within 2-3 weeks)

22-Jan – WES process your evaluation report (within 1 week)

Do I need to visit the university for completing re-verification?

Not required as the university only need the fee to be paid online and receipt sent to them via email. Also, University will be responding to WES via email and no physical documents are prepared or send. This is a verification process between the university and WES. We only need to pay the $50 re-verification fee online.

Note: Above article is based on crowdsourced information from other applicants and readers of this blog. As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter.

If you have any question, please drop a comment below and check later for the response.

Special thanks to Sreejith, Amal & KJ for their inputs.

University Contact details section-wise

121 thoughts on “MG University WES secondary re verification process

  1. Hai, I want to pay ECA fee to WES in Canadian dollars. How can I pay it ? I tried to pay with Debit card but failed. No idea how to pay it ? My ECA is on hold due to non payment of fee.

    Please help

      1. Can you please explain in detail ? I only have savings bank account. I don’t have credit card nor an nre account. WES accepts fee only in Canadian dollars. What is the simplest way to transfer money to WES in Canadian dollars ?

          1. Ok.. I will check with the bank. By the by, has anyone tried this option and were successful in paying the fee to WES through debit card after enabling international transactions ? Do banks charge extra fee or commission for it ?

  2. Dear sir,

    I need your help very urgently. Received a mail from WES saying that they have sent re verification request to MG university both electronically and . standard postal for my MBA documents (Degree Certificate and Statement of Marks) . This mail received from WES on June 8 and today when i called university they replied they haven’t received any request from WES regarding my re verification. Its more than 2 months now. Please help. what to do?

    1. Ask WES to resend the email. Also, check your email regularly for any communication from the university. University will be contacting you by email when they get the request from WES.

      1. 1. Statement of Marks, Master of Business Administration, 2013 AND 2. Degree Certificate (Final or Provisional), Master of Business Administration, 2013- WES asked for a re verification. Do i have to pay money for each marks list in statement of Marks, ie 50 dollars x 6 marks card?

        1. Dear Anish, did WES resend the mail or was it a mistake from university side? For me also university is saying they have not received any mail from WES.

        2. The amount you need to pay is per course per service. Since WES has asked for re-verification of both transcript and degree certificate, then you need to pay $50 x 2. For Degree certificate re-verification, the university may ask to request for “Guinness verification of degree certificate first”.

  3. Dear Mkerala,
    I received a request to pay 100USD for reverification of both Btech OT & Degree certificate. But as per the MGU website it shows i have to pay 50USD, so why is it that they are asking 100USD. Is it 50USD each for OT& Degree certificate ? Can you please clarify?

      1. But in the above article it is indicated “Pay $50 for one course (Official Transcript/Marklists/Degree Certificate). No need to pay $50 each for degree certificate, Transcript for the same course.” Please clarify.

        1. Transcript and Degree Certificate verification are two services you are requesting from the university. so you need to pay $50 per server per course.

    1. Hi Eliz,

      How long did it take for you, for MGU to send the OT to WES. I’ve applied the same for my BTech with Express courier option. It has been 2+ weeks and its not yet received at WES.

  4. Hi,
    I received the e-mail from WES regarding re-verification two weeks back but the university is yet to contact me with the fee payment link. Is there an e-mail ID to which I can raise this concern?

  5. Hi Mkerala. MGU made me pay extra 100 USD for re-verification of my degree and PG certificates also…i requested them that only OT’s need to be re-verified but they insisted..later on they said degree cert’s cannot be re-verified as i had not applied for its verification in the first place…i did that also….in total i paid Rs. 33000 to MGU ( OT+Degree cert, OT+Degree cert) , half of which was not needed but still i did for getting the process done. Today i got a call from MGU stating that they re-verified OT’s which i had applied in 2015 for my WES ECA and not the OT’s i applied this year…. ARE THEY FOR REAL ??? They are saying WES asked them to re-verify the OT’s MGU had send in 2015 which they did, and today they got another re-verification request from WES for the current application which i made in the beginning of this year…Anyways i am planning to go to the university in the days to come and officially raise a complaint against the lackadaisical efforts of the concerned people…LORD HELP ME….

    1. Part of the problem is with WES too. Even though WES asks for only Transcript from university and aks us to send a copy of the degree certificate, when they ask the university for re-verification, they ask to verify both transcript and certificate. Since the copy of the degree certificate was not issued by University, they will not verify the same and hence ask you to apply for genuineness verification.

      Hopefully, you can sort out everything at the university directly.

      1. I submitted two separate applications. One for Official Degree Transcripts and the other one for Degree Certificate Genuineness. Both are at the processing stage.

      2. Official transcript re-verification happened in less than a day’s time after all the mess up and status updated in WES account also….When i send email as grievance to the VC’s office out of desperation, things happened super fast…..I am still very angry that they made me pay extra 17k on account of degree certificates verification… took 6 months in total… section is hopeless…..The Section officer is an entitled rude person who finds sadistic pleasure in testing our patience……PPl don’t budge to these people’s polite with them, but if they purposely mess with u like what happened with me, escalate the issue with higher authorities….Best wishes

        1. Hi, can I get the email ID of VC office? My situation is also same and at present I am in out of Kerala. It will be helpful if you share the contact details so I can get in touch with them. Thanks in advance.

        2. One more thing i need to mention is the good advice i received from Mr. Biju George who is a professional in this transcripts field. I got his number from this blog itself and i had called him to get a clarity abt the messy situation i was in. He being a thorough professional gave me the correct advice unlike my former agent who messed up my application in the first place and didn’t help in the later stage issues. I am going to entrust him with my Kerala University transcripts application also as I won’t be able to apply for the same in person…His contact details are mob- 9633059959 and email : MG.CUSAT.CALICUT.OT@GMAIL.COM

        3. Hi Titus,
          WES is asking for re-verification of my MCA transcripts. In WES account it shows both OT and Degree Certificate is awaiting verification. The degree certificate was uploaded by my self in WES account. So when contacting university do I need to ask for OT re-verification as well as Degree Certificate.

          1. Yes and you also have to apply for genuineness verification of degree certificate as well. Check with the university before you apply.

          2. The university will ask for genuineness verification and re-verification of degree certificate also. Ask them to re-verify OT only..when OT gets reverified wes status will change for degree cert also…mgu made me pay for genuineness verification of degree certificate and it’s re-verification also which I’ve been told by experts as unnecessary…so try to make them re-verify only ur OT first and see how the wes account status changes.. but if still degree certificate needs re-verification as per WES, u can apply for genuineness verification and eventually re-verification of degree cert also….

          3. I had applied for

            Genuineness Verification of Each copy of Degree Certificate


            Application for Official Transcript

            on 8th June 2020.

            M.G University dispatched the official transcripts to WES via speed post on 29 July 2020. It was delivered to WES on 17 August 2020.

            My B.Com Genuineness Verification process is almost over and the concerned department would be dispatching the documents to WES this week as informed.

            Now I would like to know if I would be asked by WES to reverify the same documents which they have received from M.G University directly.

            After paying the prescribed fees to M.G University once, why do I need to pay them additional fee again for the same task ?

            Why WES is demanding reverification of the same documents for the second time when they have received the documents directly from the University itself ?

            Can anyone help me ?

          4. To answer you questions:-
            1. Why WES is demanding reverification of the same documents for the second time when they have received the documents directly from the University itself?
            Due to increase fraud from India. Anyone can fake a University seal and document and send it as if it was from the university.
            2. After paying the prescribed fees to M.G University once, why do I need to pay them additional fee again for the same task ? Its a different task as WES specifically ask for documents from the university. Also even if it is the same task they have to do it again which you need to pay for the work.

  6. I have submitted the receipt for re-verification of degree certificates on 17 March to
    as mentioned in the mail sent by MGU .How do i get an update on this?The University number is not reachable either.
    Can someone help me out.

    1. You can try to contact university through phone or email. If they are not responding, visiting the university to enquire is the only option.

      1. You can contact the Assistant Registrar of M.G. University @ 9495063375. He will direct you to the concerned department after noting your queries or the concerned department will contact you back and will let you know the current status of your application. You can save that phone number and later on keep contacting them for getting further updates.

        Hope this will help you. Let me know if it helped you.

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