When trying to join a Google Meet meeting using a G Suite Education/school account, you get the following error.

Error: You can’t join this meeting with your school account. Sing in with another Google Account and try again.

This is because G Suite for education users are only allowed to join meetings created by other G Suite users. If you try to join a meeting that was created by Gmail personal account you will get above error. Unfortunately, this is a limitation for personal account and to safeguarding put it in place for education users. Below is statement from official Google article on this.

G Suite for Education users

If you have a G Suite for Education account and your school type is Primary/Secondary education (K-12), you’ll not be allowed to join Google Meet video calls created by non-G Suite, or personal, Google Accounts.

Ref: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/9303069

Solution 1: Create the meeting using a G Suite account

This issue is happening due to meeting creator using personal account. Instead, if you create the meeting using your G Suite account, those users using the personal account can also join.

Solution 2: Access meeting using personal account(@gmail)

Since this issue is limited to G Suite Edu users accessing meeting created by a personal account, you can instead use your personal @gmail.com account to access the meeting without this limitation.

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  1. Today, I sent an application for an official transcript of grade points/marks for the UG (B.TECH) course. In that form, the Address to which the document to be sent part mistakenly written as my present address. The address needed is that World Education Services Attention : Documentation Center 102-2820 14th avenue Markham, ON L3R 0S9 CANADA and Where do you want to send the documents part mistakenly selected as inside India but it is actually outside India.what should i do?

    1. Then ask the organizer to use a Google Workspace account to create the meeting instead of using Gmail account.

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