MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]


Due to COVID19, MG University has now launched an online application process for official transcript requests. If you require a transcript for completing WES education assessment then continue reading to understand the new process.

Note: WES has recently started asking for re-verification of Degree Certificate after submitting the transcript. Hence, “Guinness verification of Degree Certificate” is also required at a later stage. To save time, you can apply for Guinness verification of Degree Certificate along with the transcript and same send to WES to avoid future delays. To know more about WES secondary verification please check out our other article.

Online application portal:

Documents required for application

  • Scanned self-attested copies of the following(Max size: 500KB):-
    • 10th certificate or SSLC book
    • 12th or Plus II Certificate
    • Provisional certificate or UG/PG Degree certificate as applicable.
    • Consolidated mark list /grade cards (This should be your last sem Grade card which has mark list for all sems)
    •  For WES/IQAS: A duly filled in Academic Records Request Form to be forwarded to WES/ IQAS with the transcript. Hence, the student is directed to fill up the top portion of the form and put his /her signature at the appropriate column (if applicable).

Fees and other charges

  • Fee for Official Transcript of Marks/Grade points: Rs. 2100/- per copy.
  • Search fee: as shown below:
    • Within one year of publication of result: Nil.
    • After One year of publication of result, but before 5 years: Rs.55/-
    • After 5 year of publication of result, but before 10 years: Rs.105/-
    • After 10 year of publication of result: Rs.265/-
  • Transmission charges are applicable as shown below:
    • Transmission charge(within India): Rs.80/-
    • Transmission charge(Outside India): Rs.420/-
    • Express(Speed) post charges (outside India): Rs.2100/-

How to apply online for Transcript?

  1. Visit
  2. In the Choose Your Service drop-down select APPLICATION FOR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.
  3. Scroll down and fill Academic Details as applicable for your course. Note: For Btech select Study Type: Professional/Courses with Fee variation

4. Enter your Contact Details and address to which transcript needs to be sent. For WES, ensure you enter WES address in Address to which the document to be send.

5. Enter Additional Information if any and select applicable option for Where to send the documents and mode of transmission.

6. Upload scanned copies of required documents.

7. Complete Disclaimer and Enter Captcha and click Register

8. You will receive an OTP on your email. Enter OTP and continue

9. Total Fee will be displayed. Click on Proceed to Payment.

10. Complete the payment online to submit the application.

How to contact University and check the status of your application? 

Once you submit the application it takes up to 3 weeks to process your application. In case of any issues, University will contact you. However, if you wish to contact the university to know the status of your application click on the below link to get contact details for each section. You will need to contact the section for your corresponding course and college.

Download: MG University contact details for each section

MG University helpline numbers: 0481 2731000, 2733626. Mobile Numbers: 8330013004, 8330013005, 8330013006, 8330013007, 8330013008, 8330013009.

E-mail ids:


E-PAYMENT Help Line Number: 0481 2733430, 2732010
Email Id:

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and check back later for the answer.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and check back later for the answer.

324 thoughts on “MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the reply.
    I completed the application for official transcript without uploading the Academic Records Request Form from WES.
    Is that any option to upload that document?
    If it’s possible, how do I upload?
    please kindly help me.
    thank you.

  2. Hello,

    For WES assessment, do I need genuineness verification certificate for each copy of mark lists or copy of degree certificate?

    Also, where do I find the Result Publication date mentioned in the Transcript application form?

    Kindly, let me know. Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

  3. Okay thankz
    So then can i know which detail i need to save for future inquiries ?
    i have got this INWARD numbers and the APPLICATION Numbers for each Transcription and genuineness of certificates !!
    Which number i need to save ?

  4. I applied for my transcripts to be sent to US university and Wes on 17 th July . I still haven’t heard anything. Emails are not being answered.
    Can you please let me know the best phone number? I tried few from the websites and either I get a message that it’s a faulty line or just keeps ringing.
    Any help is deeply appreciated !

  5. All my mark list are one sided only (issued before 2010). Do I still need to scan both sides?
    When both sides are scanned, should they be uploaded as a single image?

    Also the application page says:
    (iii) All mark lists/grade cards (year wise / semester wise as applicable) of the programme for all regular and improvement chances and consolidated mark list /grade cards of the course for which official transcript is applied for .

    So should I upload all the marklists as a single image? Or multiple images?

      1. Hi FYI.. I applied for btech transcript last week with only 8th semester consolidated marklist. But today i got call from MG to send self attested copies of all semster marklists via email.

  6. What is “Consolidated Grade Card”?

    * I completed Btech in 2009 and have 8 mark sheets in total. They are all filled-in by hand. The last one shows the total marks from all semesters. Is that what they mean by Consolidated Grade Card?

    * In my case the University had made a mistake in one of my marklists and they did not issue the degree certificate right away. I had to visit the University several times and finally got the 8th sem marklist and degree certificate only in 2012. So what should I enter in ‘Result Publication Date’ field? 2009 or 2012 ?

    * Should I upload the 8th sem marklist as ‘Consolidated Grade Card’ and the other 7 marklists separately?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. First of all, thank you for taking time to write this article. It is huge help.

    I graduated in 2010 in BTech Computer Science. All my mark lists, provisional certificates and degree certificate are hand filled, ie before MGU started issuing printed certificates.

    I am about to apply for Transcripts for both WES and ACS (Australian Computer Society).

    I have a couple of doubts:

    1. The online application form asks for “Consolidated Mark List”. Is it the same as the last semester mark list?. Mine shows the total marks from all the semesters, but does not list all the subjects. Do I have to apply for Consolidated Mark List separately?

    2. Is it possible to apply for the transcripts and also do the genuineness verification together? If so how ?

    3. ACS requires the documents to be scanned and uploaded directly by the applicant, ie me. So should I apply for two copies of transcripts, get them to send one to WES, and the other to myself ?

    Again thank you for the article.

  8. hi
    i have applied for transcript for my B.ed, and at the same time for the genuineness for the certificate for the certificates too.
    I have applied via online and i got a 3 msgs in phone with different Inward No:00000/2020/MGU
    Can i know what is this Inward number ?

          1. okay thankz for the reply.
            but for my wife i have applied 2 times thsts for genuiness of certifcates and transcript.but she got only one inward number so what happened to one application ?

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