Calicut University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?


Below is the process for getting the transcript from Calicut University, Kerala for completing WES evaluation, Canada.

Note: Online portal available selected certificate services. 

  1. Download the official Transcript application form from Calicut University website and fill it.
  1. Should carry photocopies of all our Calicut University mark list and degree certificate with us including supplementary and improvement mark list along with the Official Transcript application form. If there is an absence of any of the certificates there will be a chance for  WES rejection. (both front and backside of degree certificate required ). There is a Tagore block on the opposite side of the entrance, get an entrance pass to go to Pareeksha bhavan.
  1. In Pareeksha Bhavan, every department, Degree, PG, PHD has different sections in this building. Go and meet the staff and mention your requirement. They will tell us how much amount we need to pay for the transcript.

  The fee is Rs 1655  per a  mark list

Search Fee

After 1 to 3 years of the date of publication of  result Rs 225

After 3 to 10  years of the date of publication of  result Rs 445

After 10 years of the date of publication of  result Rs 830

Postal charges if to Canada is Rs 1400

  1. Go back to Tagore block pay the fees for the transcript and take the photo of the challan. There is a box for depositing application form.

Note: As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have. Any questions please drop a comment below and check back later to see our response.

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46 thoughts on “Calicut University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

  1. I like to get the transcript to be sent to WES Canada. I do not have a consolidated mark list. So, while applying should I remit fees for all the semester mark sheets(I did B-Tech and there are 8 semester mark lists and a main degree certificate)?

  2. Dear Sir,
    Myself Sreyas Kannan. I had completed my B tech in the year 2015. I had applied for transcript at calicut university on date 4th-Dec-2020. I would like to know few things about the process.

    > Is there a way for checking the status of my application at calicut university.
    > What is the time required for the documents to reach WES from university.


    1. You need to contact the university directly to know the status. Usually, it is 3 weeks processing time and another 3 weeks for India post to deliver it to WES.

  3. Hi,

    Could you please share the details the documents submitted to Calicut University and the fees. I want to get my MTech transcripts in order to send it to WES. Kindly share the details.


  4. hi….i have applied detailed consolidated marklist for the process of transcript wes in calicut university,i contacted BTech section in university and they told to send a mail including your name and roll number.They sent mail id “”but this is a invalid mail id,do i know the correct mail id as they are not responding to my calls

  5. can someone please provide a step by step process on how to apply for WES Canada – i am in Dubai now and have completed BCOM in 2012.
    I do not have any friend / family who can visit the university – is there a process online ? If so, please provide the link , and procedure. Thank you

  6. I need an official transcript from Calicut University to be sent to different universities in Europe namely France Finland Sweden etc so what is the procedure. Do I have to apply for transcript for each University separately. An official transcript of all semesters cost me around 15k. Do I have to apply for four or five transcripts or just apply for one transcript and pay postal charges for different countries

  7. Hi

    There is online submission of paying fees and sending of transcripts via speed post now. When I called the university this is what they suggested due to Covid they are discouraging evryone from coming to the university. It’s been two weeks since they received the document. How long do they take to send it to WES?


  8. Are there any third party agencies who can apply for us ? I am currently residing in Kuwait, I would be happy to do it by myself but with the current situation I wont be able to travel back.

  9. Hi Mr.Biju,
    I need a officila transcript of my degree certificate from Calicut University to send to WES Canada, Can you help me with the process ?certificates to be sent directly to WES Canada .

  10. I have applied for transcript before one month. How can I track my application The phone number they had given is not responding. Is there any other way to contact them.

    1. You need to contact the department where you submitted the application. Email and Phone number for each department is available at bottom of the article. However, they rarely answer the phone. Alternatively, you can visit them directly.

    2. I have a doubt.If my relatives can go to University and submit the application for wes behalf of me.bcoz I am in salalah and in current situation I cannot come from salalah

  11. Hi Mr.Binoy
    Yes, you can apply for the personal copy,mention about it in the application form. You must pay only a postal charge of Rs 50 extra for sending the document inside India and for sending it abroad The postal charge depends upon the country where the postage has to be send.
    If you need any assistance ,I can be reached at 9633059959.

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