MG University Complaint and Escalation Process

Due to COVID crisis and lockdown, there has been a significant delay in processing application or getting response from university. Also, the university is working with limited number of staffs. However, if there is no update on your application for more than three months you can use one of below options to escalate or raise a formal complaint against the university.

Option 1: Contact the university

There are several option to contact the university and all these are documented in below article. Contact the section that is handling you application to know the status or contact university helpline numbers.

Option 2: Log a complaint on University student grievance portal.

You can log a complaint on student Student’s Grievances Portal here with details of your application

There is also another Grievances Portal available here

Option 3: Raise complaint with Registrar and Pro Vice Chancellor

You can raise complaint directly with registrar and pro vice Chancellor via email.



16 thoughts on “MG University Complaint and Escalation Process

  • Shilla Shibu

    How can I file a complaint about the original certificate that was inadvertently delivered to me?

  • Aswin pradeep

    How to file complaint about college

    • Follow the process detailed in the article.


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