MG University WES secondary re verification process

Based on the feedback we had on our last article How To Apply For Transcript From Mahatma Gandhi (MG) University, Kerala, we are detailing the process of WES asking for re-verification once you submit the transcript.

Why WES asking for secondary verification?

Below is the screenshot of an email from WES received by many applicants after submitting the transcript to WES.


As you can see, WES states “increase of fraud” as the primary reason for re-verification. WES directly contacts the university to evaluate authenticity of the documents submitted by both emails and by post.

MG University Process for re-verification

MG University will send below email to candidates for payment of reverification fee of $50 each for transcript/degree certificate. If WES ask the university for both transcript and Degree Certificate fee it will be $100. Else it will be $50 for just the transcript. This will be mentioned in the email from university.

Email from MG University

How to complete the re-verification process?

  1. WES will let you know by email when it has asked the university for secondary verification.
  2. MG University will receive the request both electronically(email) and via post.
  3. MG University contacts you via email within two weeks and asks to pay the re-verification fee.
  4. Visit the online payment portal and pay US $50 or $100 ( This will be the amount mentioned by the university in the email)

6. Sent the payment receipt to the email mentioned by the university in the memo.

How long does it take to complete the whole process?

WES typically asks for secondary verification within 2 weeks of getting a transcript from MG University. University should contact you in another two weeks time for the payment. Once you made the payment, it takes about 3 weeks for the university to respond to WES and another week for WES to process. So in total, it can take about 6-8 weeks to process your WES evaluation.

Example timeline:-

11-Dec – WES asks university for re-verification

24-Dec – MG University sends the email for payment (within 2 weeks)

25-Dec- Online payment made and receipt submitted

15-Jan – MG university respond to WES email request (within 2-3 weeks)

22-Jan – WES process your evaluation report (within 1 week)

Do I need to visit the university for completing re-verification?

Not required as the university only need the fee to be paid online and receipt sent to them via email. Also, University will be responding to WES via email and no physical documents are prepared or send. This is a verification process between the university and WES. We only need to pay the re-verification fee online.

Note: Above article is based on crowdsourced information from other applicants and readers of this blog. As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter.

Special thanks to Sreejith, Amal & KJ for their inputs.

How to contact University and check the status of your application?

259 thoughts on “MG University WES secondary re verification process

  • I received email from MG university to pay 50$ for reverification.
    We have received E mail from World education Services for the Re-verification of your Academic request(Bachelor of Computer applications) .01/11/19 on wards the amount equivalent to 50$ is necessary for Re-Verification Process(50 $ for each Document).
    So Kindly Remit The amount equivalent to 50 $
    So should I pay 50$ or 100$?

    • The email states to pay only $50.

  • Elizabeth Jose

    Does WES always ask for a re-verification and is it mandatory that Genuineness verification certificate should be send along with transcript ?

    • mkerala

      WES has been asking for re-verification in most cases now. It is not mandatory to send Genuineness verification of Degree Certificate along with transcript.

  • Hi,
    I have applied for transcript (transcript only) for btech from MGU to be sent it out to WES 3 weeks before. No status as of now. And I came to know about the secondary verification from your site.

    Is it ok to apply the same now??

    And if I apply it for secondary re-verification of Transcripts(from university) & Degree(which I uploaded by my own to WES account ) and make the payment, where or which Mail ID is the payment receipt to be sent??Can you please mention the Mail ID


    • Its too early to apply secondary verification. You need wait until WES receive the transcript and they send it back to MGU for re-verification and MGU contacts you for the payment.

      Mail ID is different for each section. So you need to wait until they contact you.

  • Hello,
    Request your clarification on the below:
    1. Do I need to upload color copy or black & white copy of all the documents?
    2. The MG university site is mentioning that all documents need to be self attested but this site mentions that degree certificate don’t need to be self attested. Could you please clarify on this?
    3. Do I need to upload each semester marks card separately or all together?
    Thanks in advance for the clarification.

    • 1. Both are fine as long as it is self attested.
      2. All documents need to be self attested now.
      3. Upload it separately.

      • Could you please confirm if we need to upload each sem marklist separately?

        • You can upload it separately and use add more + button to upload more than 4 files.

          • Thanks for the reply. So, all 8 semester marklists as separate files, instead of all 8 semester marklists combined as a single file, right?

          • Anyway it is fine. But there is a per file size limit of 500KB. So it won’t be possible to upload everything as single file.

  • Joel John

    How can I check the status of my WES application. It’s been almost 2 months since I filed my application. As of today, WES has not received the documents.


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