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Based on the feedback we had on our last article How To Apply For Transcript From Mahatma Gandhi (MG) University, Kerala, we are detailing the process of WES asking for re-verification once you submit the transcript.

Why WES asking for secondary verification?

Below is the screenshot of an email from WES received by many applicants after submitting the transcript to WES.

As you can see, WES states “increase of fraud” as the primary reason for re-verification. WES directly contacts the university to evaluate authenticity of the documents submitted by both emails and by post.

Note: WES now asks for recertification of both transcript and Degree certificate. Hence, if you have not applied for Genuiness verification of Degree certificate before, you may need to do that first. Hence, check with the university before you pay the recertification fee. 

How to complete the re-verification process?

  1. WES will let you know by email when it has asked the university for secondary verification.
  2. MG University will receive the request both electronically(email) and via post.
  3. MG University contacts the candidate via email within two weeks and asks to pay the re-verification fee.
  4. Visit the online payment portal and pay US $50 per service. (WES now require recertification of both transcript and Degree certificate. Hence, the university may ask you to pay $100 in total)

6. Sent the payment receipt via email to MG University by responding to the payment request.

Example email from University

“As per reference, a candidate has to remit $ 50 (Fifty U. S dollars) each for sending re-
verified Official Transcript/Marklists/Degree Certificate, per course, to WES.

Hence you are directed to remit $50( Fifty US dollars) through e-payment mode and
send the soft copy of the receipt to the email ID of the section given below immediately. Your
reverification statement will only be sent to WES after receipt of the e-payment receipt for the above said

Note: Pay $50 for per course and service (Official Transcript/Marklists/Degree Certificate). So you may need to pay $100 for transcript + degree certificate re-verification. 

How long does it take to complete the whole process?

WES typically asks for secondary verification within 2 weeks of getting a transcript from MG University. University should contact you in another two weeks time for the payment. Once you made the payment, it takes about 3 weeks for the university to respond to WES and another week for WES to process. So in total, it can take about 6-8 weeks to process your WES evaluation.

Example timeline:-

11-Dec – WES asks university for re-verification

24-Dec – MG University sends the email for payment (within 2 weeks)

25-Dec- Online payment made and receipt submitted

15-Jan – MG university respond to WES email request (within 2-3 weeks)

22-Jan – WES process your evaluation report (within 1 week)

Do I need to visit the university for completing re-verification?

Not required as the university only need the fee to be paid online and receipt sent to them via email. Also, University will be responding to WES via email and no physical documents are prepared or send. This is a verification process between the university and WES. We only need to pay the re-verification fee online.

Note: Above article is based on crowdsourced information from other applicants and readers of this blog. As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter.

Special thanks to Sreejith, Amal & KJ for their inputs.

University Contact details section-wise


MG University helpline numbers: 0481 2731000, 2733626, 2733516, 2733526, 2733535, 2733550, 2733565, 2733580. Mobile Numbers: 8330013004, 8330013005, 8330013006, 8330013007, 8330013008, 8330013009.

E-mail ids:,,


E-PAYMENT Help Line Number: 0481 2733430, 2732010,
Email Id:

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225 thoughts on “MG University WES secondary re verification process

  1. Hai,

    Main problem with the university is the officials are not contacting the candidates even after receiving the verification file from WES .Many candidates WES process is on hold because of this careless behaviour from the MG University officials.

    We know the procedure to clear the verification.But we are not aware of to which email id the payment receipt has to be sent.

    So please post the email id’s of the different sections or college wise section officials email id’s to clear the secondary verification fast.

  2. Hello . Did you get your second verification done? I am also waiting in the same way. I contacted University and they said that they have not received anything from WES yet. Its been 4 months and no progress.

  3. But my provisional certificate is issued in 2019 and I’ve heard that provisional certificate has a validity only for 6months. Will it create any kind of difficulties with the process.

  4. I completed master degree from MG university. Since, I haven’t received my degree certificate from university and I was informed by the university officials that issuance of degree certificate is put on hold due to COVID restrictions. Can I submit my provisional certificate issued in 2019 instead of my degree certificate for WES processing.

  5. I am in the same boat. second verification mail was sent in Nov 2020 by WES, but there is no response from university yet. its been 2.5 months now. In between WES has sent second reminder to University. First Verification was fast though, within a week.

    1. If university is not responding to your calls, try log a grievance.

      As the university is not allowing entry, many of the applicants are trying to reach the university through phone calls. So most of the time the phone would be busy. The only solution is to keep on trying to call on the different helpline numbers provided on the university website. The applicant can raise a complaint against the university through the below link. Sometimes it would be beneficial.

  6. I am currently residing in UAE. Can the transcript copies be sent to my Father in law’s address as he stays in Kottayam ? If so do I need to attach any authorization letter along with the documents to get the same.

  7. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. As mentioned before,the transcript I am planning to applying is not for WES process as I have already completed my WES process a year back. Some provinces ask for transcript and at that time I thought it would be better to keep a copy on hand.

    Also do I need to send self attested copies of my certificates ?

  8. I have already completed my WES process about a year back. I would like to apply for a 2 copies of transcript just in case if I need them in future.

    Could you advice me from where I should do the same and also if I need to apply for genuineness of degree certificate.

  9. When we need to apply for Genuiness verification of Degree certificate?? I have already applied for official transcript in university.

    1. Best to apply along with the transcript. WES also asks for a copy of degree certificate. For this, you can apply for Genuiness verification of Degree certificate to send it to WES directly from the university.

  10. I got mail from WES about re-verification on Nov 17, 2020. And I was waiting to get notification from university. Finally I decided to call university and yesterday Dec 13,2020 I called Pariksha Bhavan and a lady collectedy my details. Today I called them again and the same lady told me that they got the mail from WES and asked me to pay only 50$ as WES requested re-verification of only one certificate. Everything was quick, not like the usual MG way. I made the payment as they directed and send the receipt back to MGU. I’ll add the contact number in case it’s useful to someone. Try to contact them rather than waiting for email too long.
    Pariksha Bhavan no: +91 90720 19726

  11. Hi,

    WES sent me an email on 20th October 2020 saying that they have requested M.G University to reverify my documents. But I haven’t received any email from MG University in this regard.

    I contacted the university multiple times and even one of my relative went there in person and checked, but we are getting the response like they didn’t receive any reverification notification from WES in my name or the reference number WES included in the mail I received. I contacted the registrar session today morning also and rechecked they are saying like usually the WES verification notification reference mail have 10 digit ID, but in the mail I received its only 7 digit and moreover they even searched the inbox with my name and couldn’t find any mail.

    Now its been more than 7 weeks and my evaluation process is on hold. When I contacted WES I got the response that applicant shall not interfere in the WES re-verification process.

    I am completely clueless on how to proceed further. Any idea what should i do? if anyone who faced this situation previously can give me a suggestion that would be really helpful.

  12. have applied only for transcript for wes and while reverification came mg university only reverfied my transcript and charged me 50$. Now wes responded all my process is accepted and provided me Canadian evaluation certificate.

  13. Hai i have completed my application for the transcripts about 3 weeks ago and now i received a message from university telling that the application is under process.
    How can i apply for the genuineness verification right now to avoid further delay?
    I saw two options-one is the payment link provided by mkerala of mgu epay page and another one i saw is at the same page for the application of transcript in university site.which one should i select?Is there any need to resubmit the degree certificates,10th,12th and the degree grade cards?
    Also for both degree and for pg certificates seprate genuineness verification is required?

    1. You can follow the same process as with transcript to request for genuineness verification. Anyway it is a separate request and you need to submit it all again.

  14. Hi,

    Just out of curiosity, if someone’s secondary verification got completed recently, can you tell me the current timeline for its completion from beginning till end. I am waiting for email from the University, as WES informed me about the re-verification

  15. Is the copy of degree certificate is enough to apply for re-verification stage or should i attach other document? Should it (degree certificate) self attest?

  16. Hello, MGU has emailed me asking to pay the reverification cost of 100USD( I applied for my BTECH degree).I had applied for genuineness of degree certificate already. While filling up the form for payment through the mentioned website “”, please confirm if I should choose numbers “2” to make 100USD payment?
    Also, could you please clarify if genuineness was already applied, why did WES sent back for re-verification? Wasn’t the application for genuineness of degree certificate to avoid re-verification ?

    1. Yes, select 2. Applying for genuineness verification early only reduce chance of WES asking for re-verification and also save time now so you don’t have to apply for it again. Once you pay the re-versification, MG university should reply to WES by email within few weeks.

  17. Hi, I received email from the university as-
    “As per reference (2) it has been decided to levy a re-verification fee @$50(fifty us dollars) for each document.
    Hence you are directed to remit $50 (50 US Dollar) separately for re-verification of OT/Attestation of Marklists/Attestation of Degree certificate (for each application),through e-payment portal of Mahatma Gandhi University ( and forward the e- receipt to this mail id for further necessary action in this regard.”

    The WES portal says “Received Documents Awaiting Verification” for both Degree certificate and Statement of Marks.

    Now, I’m confused whether I must pay $50 or $100 for this re-verification process. Please clarify.

    1. You need to pay $100 for re-verification of both mark list and degree certificate. However, if you have not applied for Genuiness verification of Degree certificate, you have to apply for that first. So check with the university to confirm before you make any payment.

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