MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

****Important: MG University has started online application for transcript. Hence, below process is no longer applicable. Please click here to get details about new process.****

If you are planning to apply for a Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, then continue reading to get an overview of the process.

Step 1 – Pay the fee online:  There are no more cash payments accepted at the university and all fees have to be paid online. As the university updates the fee from time to time, please check the fee for (Official Transcript of Marklist with the seal and Signature of the Authentication Officer) on below link.


E-Payment Portal:

  1. Open E-Payment portal and select certificates
  2. Click on “Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification” or use direct link
  3. Enter your details and select the drop-down list as follows.
    1. Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript
    2. Miscellaneous: Not Applicable
    3. Transmission Charges: Transmission Charges – Outside India (Directly sent from University to the institution. For WES, use this option) Update: Speed Post to Foreign Countries now available for Rs 2100
    4. Late Fee for Official Transcript/ Genuineness Verification: (select as applicable) image
  4. Enter the captcha and proceed to payment.
  5. Download and take a print out of the challan.

Step 2 – Prepare documents required for application You will need the following documents to be submitted to obtain the transcript from university. (Arranged in following order below and tied with a string)

  1. Print out of fee payment receipt with challan no: and barcode
  2. Application form for transcript (Download)
  3. Copy of all year/semester mark sheets and degree certificate(Both sides).
  4. Gusseted officer attested Copy of SSLC Certificate
  5. For WES Canada, 2 copies of Academic Records Request Form and color copy of degree certificate to be sent to WES along with transcript. 

Update: Gusseted officer attested copy no longer required. 

Additional CD requirement for BTech courses started before 2010

For students who have started their BTech course before 2010, a CD with the soft copy of application is required to be submitted along with the documents mentioned above. Please note that the course start year is considered, not the completion year.
In order to prepare the CD, seek assistance from any of the photostat stores opposite to the University main gate. They will charge an amount around Rs 150/- to get this prepared. This CD also needs to be tied along with the documents before submitting.

Step 3 – Visit MG university and apply:  First thing you need to do as soon you arrive at the university is to visit the Visitor information center near the entrance so you can confirm you got all the documents and get directions to the “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” where you will submit the application based on your course. So the process would be as follows.

  1. Visit information center located at the left side of the main entrance and confirm you have got all documents required.
  2. Ask for directions to “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” and section where you need to submit your application based on the course you have done. (For B-Tech transcripts, “New Pariksha Bhavan building, Ground floor, Room no. 105”)
  3. At “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” go to the section for your course. There should be a list on the wall showing desk no: for each college. Find your college on the list and submit the application to the staff.
  4. They may ask you to visit the accounts section and verify the online fee paid.
  5. If all required documents are okay, they will accept the application.

Step 4 – Getting the transcript  The processing time is typically four weeks and they will call you once it is ready. Either you can go to the university and collect it personally or they will send it to your home address or directly to the institution if postage is paid along with the fee. Below is the image of a sealed transcript from MG University.

Note: As per the new process, WES only accept Transcript directly sent by the university.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out this article for more details***

Note: As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have.

****MG University has started online application for transcript. Hence, above process is no longer applicable. Please click here to get details about new process.****


Frequently Asked Question

  • Do I need to go to University in person to apply for the transcript?

Ans: Either you or an authorised person by you can submit the application on your behalf. MG University does not have an option for online application. 

  • Is there any agency or agent that help me with applying for a transcript?

Ans: Yes, there are many agents that offer this service. Please check our article on agents offering University transcript and attestation service. 

  • How long it takes for the university to send the transcript?

Ans: Typically takes around 3 weeks for the university to process the transcript and send it. For delivery to WES or another institution outside India, it will take around 3 weeks by normal post. For Speed-post, it will take around one week time. 

  • Can I pay the fee directly at the university or anywhere nearby?

Ans: No, MG University has made all fee payment online. You could pay at the nearby internet cafe, but they may charge you extra and there will be a long wait time at busy hours.

  • Can I ask the university to send the transcript directly to WES or any institutions?

Ans: Yes, however, if the institution is outside India it can take up to a month to reach them and you won’t be able to track it. Therefore, it is always better to get the transcript to your address and use DHL or another good courier for faster delivery with tracking. Tip: You can send the transcript to WES for as low as Rs 999 here via this link. Note: WES only accepts transcripts directly sent by the University.

  • Does WES or other institutions accept the transcript if we sent it? 

Ans: Yes, the only condition is to send it in a sealed envelope as given to you by the university. In short, do not open the small packet as shown in the image above.  WES no longer accepts transcript sent by individuals.

  • How do I contact the university or know the status of my application?

Ans: The university should contact you in case of any issues or when the transcript is ready. If you haven’t been contacted after the given timeline(3 weeks), you can contact the section where you submitted the application. Click here to get the contact number

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

Have a question? Please drop a comment below and subscribe to notification or check back later for the answer. We try to answer every query asked here. 

492 thoughts on “MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

  • Hi, I studied PG in an autonomous college,affiliated to MG university,kerala. Received the mark sheets under college and final certificate from to send official transcript to WES ,where it should it be applied? Is it at University or college.Thanks

    • mkerala

      Most of the time it is at the college. But contact university on helpline first.

  • MG university has received email request from WES directly to validate the sealers transcript that was given to them. It’s almost 68 days and MG university has not replied yet. Any email ID that can be shared for such follow up.
    I have lost the entire semester due to the delay from MG university. Reached out few times I was given multiple numbers to call but no response.

  • Hi I studied in Amal jyothi college of engineering from 2011 to 2015 and need to submit transcripts for Wes can I submit online application or does someone have to go to the university and submit hard copies. Please kindly reply.

    Thank you

  • Ninan Tharakan

    For offcampus BCOM course transcript. Do we need to apply for transcripts separately for marks transcript and subject transcript and also for a no backlog certificate. This is for a Canadian university. Can we submit the form directly to university signed by applicant. Mode of fees as well. Forms or just application enough. Can applicant father submit on her behalf. Thanks a lot. Ninan Tharakan, mob 9809072176

    • mkerala

      There is only one transcript per course. Anyone can submit it directly to the university with the required documents.

  • Shilpa Ann Ninan

    Hi. I completed my BCOM in 2010 from MG university off campus centre and I need my transcript copies sent to me online and by post. How can I do it?

    • mkerala

      Online process not available for Autonomous and off-campus students. The applicant should submit the hard copies of the documents and fee receipt directly to the university. There are agents available who can do this on your behalf.

      • Shilpa Ann Ninan

        Ok thanks for your prompt response. Where can I find details of such agents so that I can get my work done for getting copy of the transcripts?

      • Shilpa Ann Ninan

        Hi. Thanks for your prompt response. Original copies of the certificates and marksheets would be required for submitting the transcript request or hard colour copies of the same would do? Further I had already send a request earlier and the university had send the transcript directly to WES earlier. I only want a copy of this. Is there any way to this? Kindly confirm. Thankyou.

        • mkerala

          Copies is fine. You need to submit new request for transcript.


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