How to apply for Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi (MG) University, Kerala


If you are planning to apply for a Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, then continue reading to get an overview of the process.

Step 1 – Pay the fee online:  There are no more cash payments accepted at the university and all fees have to be paid online. As the university updates the fee from time to time, please check the fee for (Official Transcript of Marklist with the seal and Signature of the Authentication Officer) on below link.


E-Payment Portal:

  1. Open E-Payment portal and select certificates
  2. Click on “Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification” or use direct link
  3. Enter your details and select the drop-down list as follows.
    1. Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript
    2. Miscellaneous: Not Applicable
    3. Transmission Charges: Transmission Charges – Outside India (Directly sent from University to the institution. For WES, use this option)
    4. Late Fee for Official Transcript/ Genuineness Verification: (select as applicable) image
  4. Enter the captcha and proceed to payment.
  5. Download and take a print out of the challan.

Step 2 – Prepare documents required for application You will need the following documents to be submitted to obtain the transcript from university. (Arranged in following order below and tied with a string)

  1. Print out of fee payment receipt with challan no: and barcode
  2. Application form for transcript (Download)
  3. Copy of all year/semester mark sheets and degree certificate. (Both sides)
  4. Gusseted officer attested copy of SSLC Certificate
  5. For WES, 2 copies of Academic Records Request Form

Step 3 – Visit MG university and apply:  First thing you need to do as soon you arrive at the university is to visit the Visitor information center near the entrance so you can confirm you got all the documents and get directions to the “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” where you will submit the application based on your course. So the process would be as follows.

  1. Visit information center located at the left side of the main entrance and confirm you have got all documents required.
  2. Ask for directions to “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” and section where you need to submit your application based on the course you have done. (For B-Tech transcripts, “New Pariksha Bhavan building, Ground floor, Room no. 105”)
  3. At “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” go to the section for your course. There should be a list on the wall showing desk no: for each college. Find your college on the list and submit the application to the staff.
  4. They may ask you to visit the accounts section and verify the online fee paid.
  5. If all required documents are okay, they will accept the application.

Step 4 – Getting the transcript  The processing time is typically four weeks and they will call you once it is ready. Either you can go to the university and collect it personally or they will send it to your home address or directly to the institution if postage is paid along with the fee. Below is the image of a sealed transcript from MG University.

Update: As per the new process, WES only accept Transcript directly sent by the university.

Note: This article is my experience of applying for the transcript in April of 2018. As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I pay the fee directly at the university or anywhere nearby?

Ans: No, MG University has made all fee payment online. You could pay at the nearby internet cafe, but they may charge you extra and there will be a long wait time at busy hours.

  • Can I ask the university to send the transcript directly to WES or any institutions?

Ans: Yes, however, if the institution is outside India it can take up to a month to reach them and you won’t be able to track it. Therefore, it is always better to get the transcript to your address and use DHL or another good courier for faster delivery with tracking. Tip: You can send the transcript to WES for as low as Rs 999 here via this link. Note: WES only accepts transcripts directly sent by the University.

  • Does WES or other institutions accept the transcript if we sent it? 

Ans: Yes, the only condition is to send it in a sealed envelope as given to you by the university. In short, do not open the small packet as shown in the image above.  WES no longer accepts transcript sent by individuals.

  • How do I contact the university or know the status of my application?

Ans: The university should contact you in case of any issues or when the transcript is ready. If you haven’t been contacted after the given timeline(3 weeks), you can contact the section where you submitted the application. Click here to get the contact number

If you have any questions please drop a comment below and check back later to see our response.

162 thoughts on “How to apply for Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi (MG) University, Kerala

  1. I am based outside India and need the transcript of BSC degree marklist from MG University Kottayam. Will they accept by post my application?Which address can I send the documents by post? I only need the marklist so should I still be sending the degree certificate too.

    1. It is a very busy place and not sure if you send by post it will reach right department. Better ask someone here to submit the application on your behalf. Only copies of certificate required, not the original.

      1. Hi,
        I have completed my BSc from MG University in 2016 and I would like to have my BSc official transcripts delivered to my address in Kerala so that I can send it together with my MSc transcript via courier to a Canadian University. May I know whether I have to opt “Transmission Charges: Within India” for the same or whether it is “Transmission Charges: Outside India”.

          1. Hi,
            I have one more doubt. My Canadian University has asked me to sent the BSc transcripts from MG University to them, as a part of my application for higher studies. May I know whether this has anything to do WES and whether I have to sent the transcript to WES or to my Canadian University.
            Thank you.

          2. Nothing to do with WES. Ask MG university to sent it directly to your Canadian university.

    1. WES is an educational credential validation service for US and Canada. I don’t think it is required for any other countries.

      1. Hi,
        what is the procedure for WES secondary verification from MG University?. is there any additional payment for secondary verification.

        1. WES sent a letter to university for confirmation. University need to reply that. There is no charge but may take up to 2 months.

  2. Do I need to apply transcript again for WES if I already have one ,but not attested? Or i should only apply attestation of all marklist / each year degree certificates ??

    1. As per the new WES process, they will accept a transcript sent directly by the university. So yes, you need to apply for a new one and ask University to sent it to WES.

  3. For WES application transcript which option do i need to select…. option for attestation/genuineness varification of each copy of marklist OR each copy of degree certificate ???

    1. As detailed above you should go for Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: each copy of degree certificate

    2. I’m living in Delhi is there any way by which I can get my Btech transcripts delivered to my home in Delhi, without me going directly to MG university.
      P.S Btech YOP (2017)

  4. Does MG university give transcripts in sealed envelope directly to the applicant ? Does the transcript needs to be typed and given to the section in CD?

      1. Crazy people asked for submitting everything in CD today! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have no idea what kinda redundant life MG university still lives in. All these procedures are so simple and straightforward in universities outside Kerala, and to see a 30-year backward system still existing in renowned universities like MG is absolutely appalling! 🤭😔

        1. I thought they were done with CD system. They used to ask for CD few years ago, but from 2017 they stopped asking for CD. Guess the Computer shops nearby going to make good profit out of it.

      2. I have applied for WES on 31st August in MG university kottayam. They are asking for CD having the marks consolidated in a single page. I had get it done from outside shop. So please correct the information ‘they require a CD with marklist consolidated in transcript format’.

    1. Sorry, my last responce was incorrect. You need all sem marklist + degree certificate both side + attested copy of SSLC book.

  5. Hi,
    I am taking the transcripts for the second time as it was sent directly to Wes by me the last time.
    1. Is there is fast track option ( any other courier service other than Indian Post ) to be sent to WES directly from the University ?
    2. I remember creating the CD last time , Is it not required anymore ?
    3.What is maximum timeline that the transcripts would reach WES canada with the current option available?
    4. Is the document list to be carried to the university different from the post that you have initially mentioned? ( Copy of All sem marksheet + degree certificate + Attested SSLC certificate + Wes academic form)

    1. 1. MG University uses only India Post. You can ask them if speed post is available.
      2. No CD required
      3. 3 weeks for University to prepare it and another 3-4 weeks for India Post to reach Canada.
      4. It should the same.

    2. Hello Shilpa,

      What is the reason you are requesting for transcripts the second time ? Was it rejected by WES when you had sent it to them directly ?
      I am planning to obtain the transcripts from MG University and send it to WES directly via a good courier service.


  6. Hello MKerala,

    Request you to advise on the following two points:

    1. I need to obtain the transcript of my B-Tech mark-sheets from MG University, Kottayam. In the e-payment portal of MG university for the fee payment, I could see the following 2 possible options:

    Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of Degree certificate
    Fee for official transcript of marksheets/syllabus/Academic transcript

    Which option should I choose for the fee payment ?

    2. Does the above options really matter, as the fee for both the options are the same – Rs.2000 ?

    1. It depends on your purpose. For WES select “Genuineness verification of each copy of Degree certificate”. Check with the institution who asked you to submit the same.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the above information. I am completed 10th grade under CBSE, So what can be submitted instead of
    “Gusseted officer attested copy of SSLC Certificate”

      1. Great! Thanks. One more question.

        WES requires only ‘Marksheets/Statement of Marks’ to be submitted directly from University, Hence the drop-down menu to be selected should be
        ‘Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript’ right?

        1. This is my understanding too. WES doesn’t require the attested degree certificate from the college (we can personally fax our degree certificates as well). WES needs our statement of marks / consolidated marklist to be attested and sealed and sent by the university. So, I am confused here if you request for degree certificate, they wouldn’t send the marklists right?

    1. They didn’t ask me for it. Only photocopies are needed. But it is good to carry at least Degree certificate with you.

  8. Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of Degree certificate
    Fee for official transcript of marksheets/syllabus/Academic transcript.

    which option should I select for assessment for engineers Australia? thanks in advance. please reply

    1. For Australia, check with the assessment agency. For Canada WES it is Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of Degree certificate

  9. Hi ,

    Is It possible my father to go on my behalf and do the process in university ? do we have to gave any letter to the officers

    1. I have heard that it is possible. But not sure of the process. You can call the university information center and know what are documents required for proxy request.

  10. Pls help
    For IQAS which option we need to select :
    They were asking for transcripts form University and mark list to be sent directly.

  11. I recently applied for transcripts of my B-Tech Degree from MG University, Kottayam, in the month of May-2019.

    In addition to the steps mentioned at the top of this page, please take note of the following points:

    1. The application for B-Tech transcripts needs to be submitted at the “New Pariksha Bhavan building, Ground floor, Room no. 105”. It’s towards the right side as you enter the building.
    2. If the transcripts are required for WES ECA, submit 2 copies of the filled ARRF form.
    3. While submitting the application, the documents should be arranged in the following order:

    Online payment receipt(with bar code)
    Transcript request form
    2 filled ARRF forms
    Copy of Degree certificate(both sides)
    Copy of all Mark sheets
    Attested copy of 10th standard certificate

    4. The documents arranged in the aforementioned order should be tied together using a twine(available in front of room 105) before submission.

  12. Hi,

    My Agency told for canada WES require Transcripts of both B tech Certificate and Mark lists .So is it the the option for fee payment ?
    “Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of degree certificate”
    There is one more option in that below.Do we need to select this one also ?
    “Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of Mark list”.


    1. I used “Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of degree certificate” for WES Canada and there were no issues.

  13. Hi Mkerala,
    What is the exact step by step procedure for Wes and transcript application?
    At first, we need to create a Wes profile and pay the fee. Right? After that we need to go for the transcript to university.Right? Also will they send directly transcript to Wes Canada? Do we need to spend more for the courier service which they use? Apart from this 2500, do we need to spend more?
    Can you please explain from the very first step of Wes Canada? I want to do it myself.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Thanks Mkerala. One more doubt to be clarified. My name in educational certificates is say, Ashik PS and passport name contains the expanded form of PS ie, Puthiyaveettil Sudheer. So while creating WES profile, which name should I give for both profile creation and credential name?

      1. I am an MCA graduate. Should I get transcript for both BCA and MCA?. For that, should I pay online twice(mg university) for graduation and post graduation separately? Also will they send the transcript of both in a single courier?

        1. Below is a direct quote from WES website. Yes, you need to pay twice to university as it is two degrees, two transcripts and handled by two departments.

          “For applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma for evaluation, you must also provide your bachelor’s degree documents. WES cannot complete evaluation without these documents. The only exceptions where your bachelor’s degree documents are not required are: Master of Education, Master of Engineering, Master of Philosophy, and Master of Technology”

          1. Hi MKerala, I dont know if the WES statement you mentioned is correct.
            I am an MBA graduate (From Australian University) and I have given only by MBA transcripts to WES in the month of March 2019 and got an WES equivalency “Masters”.
            Please advise.

          2. Does MG University charges separate courier charge for Graduation and Post Graduation? How much it is?
            Also,do we need to pay the charge online? What is the mode of payment?

          3. I think you need to give separate applications for each as it is handled by two departments. All fees are paid online, see the steps above.

  15. Hi Mkerala,
    I’m currently trying for Australian PR and they required the academic transcript from the university. In the Fee payment section Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification i can see different categories on the drop box, which option should i select required for academic transcript only.

  16. Hello,
    I wanted to know the following.
    I completed B .Sc nursing from School of Medical Education , Puthupally and passed out in 2011 and completed my MHA from School of Medical Education, Gandhinagar in 2015. I learned that both these institutions are now coming under the Centre for Professional and Advanced Studies ( CPAS).
    Where shall I get my transcript from now?
    The university or CPAS ?

    Please give your guidance.

    1. The transcript need to be applied at the university/institution that issue your certificate. If the certificate is issued by MG University, apply at MG for transcript.

  17. Does mg university send transcript with all the marklist and degree certificate to Wes? Should we need to send copy of marklists and degree certificate to Wes seperatly?

    Thanks in advance

  18. Hi.. thank you for the details. I think we need transcript and degree certificate attested from university. So which payment option should we select ? Do we need to do multiple selections ?

  19. Hi Mkerala,
    Really happy to see helpful article like this.Dear I got the reply from WES says transcripts accepted but degree certifcate not received.I am damn sure copy was included in the envelope.Any idea If i need to resend the degree certificate copy only what steps I should follow?

    1. How did you send the degree certificate copy? I sent it separately via India post.

      Take a good colour copy of the certificate(back and Front). Put it in an Air Mail envelope and sent it to WES Canada as a registred post. It cost less than Rs 50, but will take a month to deliver to WES.

      1. Thanks for the reply MKerala.
        Is it not mandatory to send it from MG university again?Its said that WES will accept documents only from university right?They accepted my transcipt but shows in the website degree cert not received?

      1. I have some doubt on sending transcript to wes.
        1.we have to send both pg certificate copy and transcript to wes.could you please tell me it.

          1. In my certificate and passport surname was different. In my certificate it is my father’s name and in my passport, it is my husband while applying for eca to wes,will it be a problem?

          2. How can we send both certificate and transcript to wes?is there any option to send pg certificate copy along with transcript while applying for it to Mg university.

          3. Yes, you can give the copy of your certificate to university and ask them to send it along with the transcript.

  20. I have applied for sending transcripts from MG university in January and paid extra money for sending it by speed post..but they didn’t send my transcript, they kept it with them.I went on and continuously pushed them to send it,they told some lame excuses like they will send it next week, the person that i submitted the certificate is not there anymore,new person is checking all the documents,it will take time like that,at last in may they send my documents to WES,unfortunately i got a mail from WES that,they need MG university to double verify the certificate again ,so they have send an email to the university and also a hardcopy,university needs to verify and send it back by electronically or my post.The time period that they have given is 7 weeks.Unfortunately the person sitting there is not taking it seriously..we asked one of the staff inside the university to meet the responsible person and asked him to do,but the response that we are getting is the same,he is telling he will do it soon…now it’s almost 6 weeks now..don’t know what to do with this such an iresponsible behavior from the university staffs..Can anyone help out to do it

      1. husband has already submitted his profile in the express entry pool, waiting for my WES evaluation to complete to update our score in the express entry pool

      2. I think its always better to do all necessary procedures ourselves as all the details are available in CIC website. Since you are an educated person, why should you depend on some consultancy services? Please go through the below link too:
        It may be helpful for you. In addition, you will authorised consultancy list from CIC website. In my knowledge, only 5 consultancy are in there list from kerala.

  21. Hi
    I have submitted all my documents for WES attestation at MG university , however i don’t have any tack id.How do i call and ask the progress since i am residing abroad.

    1. You can call them and check the status. But they rarely pick the phone. The phone number for each department is available in the PDF link in the article.

    1. Hi Kiran,
      In fact there is no application form. You have to submit a request form along with the copies of your documents. You can download the request form from the link I have shared to your mail. Below one is the link, which could be helpful for others in future. (This is the same you will get from photostat shop, hence you don’t have to pay your money and time there)

        1. You’re welcome.
          I would like to share some more information regarding some FAQ.
          Even though all payment has made online, there is an option to pay the fees at university cash counter. For that, you have to take a challan number, which can be done by selecting offline payment method option in the payment section. Then you will get a challan number, and using that you can pay the fees at counter. (no need to print that, you can share the number at counter for payment). This may speed up your process since verification of payment will be easy because of the MGU seal.

  22. Hi,
    Date of birth in my all document is wrong. As per my understanding Birth certificate is a must for Canadian PR. I noticed that the university will ask SSLC copy along with the application for Transcript. Hope this is for DOB verification purpose only. Can I apply with my birth certificate instead of SSLC? Meantime I will start changing my DOB in all documents like Passport, SSLC, etc. Also please suggest if I can apply for PR without changing the DOB in my documents (without showing my birth certificate)

    1. University is not looking for DOB in your SSLC. They just need an attested copy to validate your identity. For PR, you need to have all documents with correct DOB.

      1. Noted. Can I apply for WES verification now without changing my DOB? If yes, then the things will be faster and meantime I can change the DOB in my documents. I am planning to fill the actual DOB in WES website and WES form.

        1. Your DOB will be mentioned in your WES report and if it is incorrect it may affect your PR application. Bets to get your DOB sorted and apply for WES.

  23. Hello,

    Please answer the below :
    1. Does the fee head (procedure) change if the degree was taken from an Off Campus Centre.?
    2. Should we apply for the attestation of each copy of the marklist or only the degree certificate?
    3. Will MG university send us a scanned copy of the official transcript?

    Thank you in Advance

  24. Hello M Kerala..
    I am planning to go with IQAS and not WES for my ECA.

    Can u pls clarify out of the below three, which option I should select:
    1.Attestation/genuineness verification of each copy of mark list.
    2.Attestation/genuineness verification of each copy of degree certificate
    3.Fee for official transcript of mark sheets/syllabus/academic transcript

    1. Please check on IQAS website which one they require whether it is an attestation of degree certificate or transcript of mark list.

  25. Hi,

    When creating an account in WES and adding credentials, what should i give for – Name of institution -?
    Is it my college name or University name?

      1. Dear Mkerala,

        Thanks for your response. I have another question.
        In my college degree and mark lists my name is mentioned as – ..
        But in my passport the initials are expanded.
        Should I go with WES account creation with name as in educational certificate ? Will it be a problem later for Canada PR being my name in passport is different?


  26. Hai
    I am planning to apply an official transcript from MG university and Calicut University. Is there is any issue if the spelling of my 1st year mark list and SSLC certificates name are different.

  27. Hi

    Is it mandatory to submit the required document by the requester itself or anyone can submit the document on his behalf.

    Gautam Jha

      1. College friend can be a authorised person ?
        do I need to write any authorisation letter or how can my friend submit my application on my behalf.

  28. Hello sir, I completed my Btech and Mtech from MG university itself, in this case do i need to apply seperately or can I apply for both in single application

  29. Thank you so much for this article. This made my application process so easy.
    I went to Vijaya Book Shop just opposite to the University. They completed my transcript preparation around one hour with minimum rate. Along this hardcopy of transcript we have to submit the same in a CD to university.
    I need to send copy of degree certificate along with transcript to WES. As informed by the information centre, I had paid seperate fee for both transcript and attestation of degree certificate copy via online payment of MGU. Then submitted the whole document to new pareesksha bhavan room no. 105.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Is Evaluation /Genuineness check of BA degree certificate and Mark lists of 3 years needed to be done along with Transcript for WES?

  30. Hi Folks,
    My transcript application submission was successfully done in August at EL II section. The concerned section authority didn’t give any contact number for the follow-up of the process and there was a severe rejection on my request.
    Now I have been trying to reach to that section via reception, by taking the section number 0481 2733695/3648 since last week; but I am unlucky to feel that happiness the number is not working.
    I am planning to evaluate the transcript, not with WES, so I required the transcript by postal. Does anyone have the same issue?
    I would like to congratulate the creator, mentor and supporter of this forum for their tremendous hard work, an idea even pain which they had felt earlier with the University process.
    Good Luck! Thanks

  31. I applied Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of degree certificate from mg university for BCA and MCA. When I contacted university,they replied that they have already sent to Wes. Before two weeks,status in my Wes profile got updated as documents are under review. But now it got updated again to on hold. It is shown as they are waiting for Degree Certificate (Final or Provisional) of both BCA and MCA. It is also shown as Statement of Marks are accepted of BCA and MCA. What should I do? Do I need to go university and apply for anything else? I did all the process for Wes myself ,not by any consultancy. I don’t have any idea what’s next.

  32. Does the MG university people responded to the request over the mail properly? What I meant is that if I send all the documents (as required for the transcript) including the payment slip over the email. would they proceed to transmit documents to WES, because I am abroad and not able to go directly.

    1. They never reply to any emails. Also as per process you need to submit documents in physical, so email request are not accepted. You can send someone to apply for transcript on your behalf.

  33. Hi
    I am a freelance consultant doing official transcript work for different Universities in Kerala and Bharathiar University Coimbatore. If you want to know more about my service please not hesitate to contact. My Mobile number is 9633059959

  34. Hi,

    i have completed my and from M.G university do I need to pay for it individually and transcript to be done for each case as a seperate course.

  35. Hi, Mkerala
    Need a clarification.
    I have completed my Graduation from MGU as well as PG diploma from an autonomous institution. When I applied for ECA, WES demanded my graduation documents also . Do I need to send transcripts from both the universities?

      1. Hi ,
        One more clarification . I’m abroad now so I will send all documents to my home address and is it possible to send the challan payed receipt with that. Is there any rule that challan should paid the same day while anyone submitting my application in MGU?

  36. Hello,
    Should I provide the transcripts with an envelope or inside the envelope having Wes address. ?
    And also should I submit CD along with it.?
    Will pareeksha BHavan send the transcripts directly to WES and how will I follow up?
    Is and B.A transcripts submitted at different room or same room in pareeksha BHavan?

    1. No envelope. Submit all documents with application form and WES form. Yes, they will send it directly if you have remitted the fee for the same. Each degree is processed by different rooms. CD is still be requested by some departments.

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