MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]


Due to COVID19, MG University has now launched an online application process for official transcript requests. If you require a transcript for completing WES education assessment then continue reading to understand the new process.

Online application portal:

Documents required for application

  • Scanned self-attested copies of the following(Max size: 500KB):-
    • 10th certificate or SSLC book
    • 12th or Plus II Certificate
    • Provisional certificate or UG/PG Degree certificate as applicable.
    • Consolidated mark list /grade cards
    •  For WES/IQAS: A duly filled in Academic Records Request Form to be forwarded to WES/ IQAS with the transcript. Hence, the student is directed to fill up the top portion of the form and put his /her signature at the appropriate column (if applicable).

Fees and other charges

  • Fee for Official Transcript of Marks/Grade points: Rs. 2100/- per copy.
  • Search fee: as shown below:
    • Within one year of publication of result: Nil.
    • After One year of publication of result, but before 5 years: Rs.55/-
    • After 5 year of publication of result, but before 10 years: Rs.105/-
    • After 10 year of publication of result: Rs.265/-
  • Transmission charges are applicable as shown below:
    • Transmission charge(within India): Rs.80/-
    • Transmission charge(Outside India): Rs.420/-
    • Express(Speed) post charges (outside India): Rs.2100/-

How to apply online for Transcript?

  1. Visit
  2. In the Choose Your Service drop-down select APPLICATION FOR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.
  3. Scroll down and fill Academic Details as applicable for your course. Note: For Btech select Study Type: Professional/Courses with Fee variation


4. Enter your Contact Details and address to which transcript needs to be sent. For WES, ensure you enter WES address in Address to which the document to be send.


5. Enter Additional Information if any and select applicable option for Where to send the documents and mode of transmission.

6. Upload scanned copies of required documents.


7. Complete Disclaimer and Enter Captcha and click Register

8. You will receive an OTP on your email. Enter OTP and continue

9. Total Fee will be displayed. Click on Proceed to Payment.


10. Complete the payment online to submit the application.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below and check back later for the answer.

MG University helpline numbers: 0481 2731000, 2733626. Mobile Numbers: 8330013004, 8330013005, 8330013006, 8330013007, 8330013008, 8330013009.

E-mail ids:


E-PAYMENT Help Line Number: 0481 2733430, 2732010
Email Id:

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

124 thoughts on “MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]

  1. How long it will take to process & receive official transcripts. (Online application)
    It’s been 2 weeks since I applied and there is no response from them yet.

    1. It takes 3 weeks for the university to process and another 3 weeks for postal to reach WES. So it can take more than a month.

      1. Considering MG university’s past records, i think it would take merely 2 months and considering the current situation even more. When i called University they told minimum 2 months we have to wait. So the time we can’t confirm in anyway.

  2. I see a reply for the consolidated mark sheet. Its says I can scan all the marksheets in one pdf. Does it has to be color one or the black and white will work?

        1. You don’t need to take printout or photocopies for the online process. They expect the copies to be in colour to verify its copies of the original document.

          1. I have already applied for the transcript for WES. All the copies scanned in colour but the maximum size of the file can be uploaded is limited to 500 KB. It was not possible to meet the criteria of file size maximum 500 KB. After resizing the files, all documents are uploaded in black and White.

          2. It might be okay, in case of any problem university will contact you. You can use online resize tool to shirk the size of the files next time.

  3. Hello,
    I have passed out BBA in year 1999 and I am applying for Transcript for Canada immigration. I dont have consolidate mark list, I have individual marklist for each semester. Is it enough if upload only the final semester marklist?

        1. Sorry, it only accepts JPEG. You can upload the final sem and if anything more is required university will contact you. Or you can contact University and confirm first before you make the payment.

  4. Hi I am looking to apply online for transcript for WES application canada from Mg university
    Should I need apply for attested copy of degree certificate ?
    Or I just need to apply for transcript online.?

      1. 7)The candidate shall not make any mark/attestation on the copies of marklist/certificate for which genuineness attestation is required.

        what does it mean?

  5. Do i need self attested copies of my certificates or just copies are enough for getting transcript for WES

      1. But upon opening application, it s mentioned that self attested needs to be uploaded whereas Mkerala is suggesting not to. Please clarify.

  6. Hi, I completed BPT from SME,Gandhi Nagar, Kottayam. Need transcript for credentialing in Canada. When I fill in college details through online i couldn’t find my college name. Help needed. Thanks.

      1. Still asking for college name. Its mandatory. I completed BPT from SME, gandhinagar, kottayam. I couldn’t find this name.

  7. They are still asking me to provide CD, since I graduated in 2003. Does anyone know what should be the contents of the CD and how to prepare the document to go along with it?

  8. When I registered the online application for official transcript I got OTP number through email but after that there was no page open for paying the fee.I tried many times.Can you please clear my concern?

  9. I have applied for transcripts online and received application no and all… they have any system for tracking the application ?

  10. I need 4 copies of official transcript for Canadian Universities. But I haven’t finalised the universities yet. So while applying for transcripts can I give my home address.
    Will university provide sealed envelope in another cover and send to us or directly send the envelope. Since if our address and stamp is pasted on original envelope, we can’t reuse it …right ? please confirm …

      1. Hi what I really needed to apply for wes and how it could be possible with mg university now. I am presently in Canada and I want to do wes now for my pr and could you please help me for this

  11. I’ve got the OTP on my email address after placing the captcha code and clicked register. But further no page opened for payment process. I’ve selected express instead of normal, is that because of that? please advice

  12. How to upload semester grade sheets in single jpeg format file in the university transcript request sheet?

    Please advise

  13. In University site, it is mentioned that the attachment should be in jpeg,jpg,bmp format.Thus when providing the certificate copy for degree , how is it possible to keep both front and back pages in jpeg format as in jpeg format , the documents will be merged together unlike pdf format providing separate pages.

    how to merge all the semesters grade sheet in jpeg format.If it was pdf the process was simple.

    Please advise????

    1. You can scan only front page and university will contact you if they need back page. Consolidated mark sheet should be there on last semester mark sheet. It is a single page document.

  14. Could u please clarify on once we submit the online application to MG University, how long does MG University takes to prepare the transcript and send to WES?

      1. In the above link provided, we have paid the amount and got receipt of the same. How do we know the status of the application like what stage it is,whether any additional documents required or have they rejected due to lack of documents ?

          1. The website link was working just for a day and after that it never opened up again.It’s surprising that we don’t have an option to understand the status at least even when the process is been done online. The usual transcript usually takes around 2-3 months from MG university if its done through hard copy submission, are we going to get a swift response or it will be the same as usual since its through online ?
            Thanks for your reply but more over its been 3 days i have made the payment to their site as per the above instructions and that link never worked after that . I fear that the payment is lost .

          2. 3 weeks is the standard time to process transcript application. Setting up an online tracking system is complicated and I don’t think MG university could build one in this time. You can always call university to check the status.

          3. Would be able to assist,where in University our application gets processed like which department or section that undertakes the Transcript request from Candidates ? Please clarify.

          4. Dear Mkerala, Thanks for the continuing support.
            As advised to call up University to understand our process is not working as they never pick up phone nor they give information. Would you advise an alternative option as it could save so much time.

  15. Our college name is not listed in the college name option. Is there any option to type the college name in the textbox.
    College name – Nirmala College Of IT, Chalakudy (offcampus)

    1. For degree certificate usually they ask for both sides. However, since there is only option to upload one page, just front page is enough.

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