MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?


****Important: MG University has started online application for transcript. Hence, below process is no longer applicable. Please click here to get details about new process.****

If you are planning to apply for a Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, then continue reading to get an overview of the process.

Step 1 – Pay the fee online:  There are no more cash payments accepted at the university and all fees have to be paid online. As the university updates the fee from time to time, please check the fee for (Official Transcript of Marklist with the seal and Signature of the Authentication Officer) on below link.


E-Payment Portal:

  1. Open E-Payment portal and select certificates
  2. Click on “Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification” or use direct link
  3. Enter your details and select the drop-down list as follows.
    1. Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript
    2. Miscellaneous: Not Applicable
    3. Transmission Charges: Transmission Charges – Outside India (Directly sent from University to the institution. For WES, use this option) Update: Speed Post to Foreign Countries now available for Rs 2100
    4. Late Fee for Official Transcript/ Genuineness Verification: (select as applicable) image
  4. Enter the captcha and proceed to payment.
  5. Download and take a print out of the challan.

Step 2 – Prepare documents required for application You will need the following documents to be submitted to obtain the transcript from university. (Arranged in following order below and tied with a string)

  1. Print out of fee payment receipt with challan no: and barcode
  2. Application form for transcript (Download)
  3. Copy of all year/semester mark sheets and degree certificate(Both sides).
  4. Gusseted officer attested Copy of SSLC Certificate
  5. For WES Canada, 2 copies of Academic Records Request Form and color copy of degree certificate to be sent to WES along with transcript. 

Update: Gusseted officer attested copy no longer required. 

Additional CD requirement for BTech courses started before 2010

For students who have started their BTech course before 2010, a CD with the soft copy of application is required to be submitted along with the documents mentioned above. Please note that the course start year is considered, not the completion year.
In order to prepare the CD, seek assistance from any of the photostat stores opposite to the University main gate. They will charge an amount around Rs 150/- to get this prepared. This CD also needs to be tied along with the documents before submitting.

Step 3 – Visit MG university and apply:  First thing you need to do as soon you arrive at the university is to visit the Visitor information center near the entrance so you can confirm you got all the documents and get directions to the “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” where you will submit the application based on your course. So the process would be as follows.

  1. Visit information center located at the left side of the main entrance and confirm you have got all documents required.
  2. Ask for directions to “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” and section where you need to submit your application based on the course you have done. (For B-Tech transcripts, “New Pariksha Bhavan building, Ground floor, Room no. 105”)
  3. At “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” go to the section for your course. There should be a list on the wall showing desk no: for each college. Find your college on the list and submit the application to the staff.
  4. They may ask you to visit the accounts section and verify the online fee paid.
  5. If all required documents are okay, they will accept the application.

Step 4 – Getting the transcript  The processing time is typically four weeks and they will call you once it is ready. Either you can go to the university and collect it personally or they will send it to your home address or directly to the institution if postage is paid along with the fee. Below is the image of a sealed transcript from MG University.

Note: As per the new process, WES only accept Transcript directly sent by the university.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out this article for more details***

Note: As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have.

****MG University has started online application for transcript. Hence, above process is no longer applicable. Please click here to get details about new process.****


Frequently Asked Question

  • Do I need to go to University in person to apply for the transcript?

Ans: Either you or an authorised person by you can submit the application on your behalf. MG University does not have an option for online application. 

  • Is there any agency or agent that help me with applying for a transcript?

Ans: Yes, there are many agents that offer this service. Please check our article on agents offering University transcript and attestation service. 

  • How long it takes for the university to send the transcript?

Ans: Typically takes around 3 weeks for the university to process the transcript and send it. For delivery to WES or another institution outside India, it will take around 3 weeks by normal post. For Speed-post, it will take around one week time. 

  • Can I pay the fee directly at the university or anywhere nearby?

Ans: No, MG University has made all fee payment online. You could pay at the nearby internet cafe, but they may charge you extra and there will be a long wait time at busy hours.

  • Can I ask the university to send the transcript directly to WES or any institutions?

Ans: Yes, however, if the institution is outside India it can take up to a month to reach them and you won’t be able to track it. Therefore, it is always better to get the transcript to your address and use DHL or another good courier for faster delivery with tracking. Tip: You can send the transcript to WES for as low as Rs 999 here via this link. Note: WES only accepts transcripts directly sent by the University.

  • Does WES or other institutions accept the transcript if we sent it? 

Ans: Yes, the only condition is to send it in a sealed envelope as given to you by the university. In short, do not open the small packet as shown in the image above.  WES no longer accepts transcript sent by individuals.

  • How do I contact the university or know the status of my application?

Ans: The university should contact you in case of any issues or when the transcript is ready. If you haven’t been contacted after the given timeline(3 weeks), you can contact the section where you submitted the application. Click here to get the contact number

If you have any questions please drop a comment below and check back later to see our response.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

365 thoughts on “MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

  1. According to the University payment portal i choose Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification. Do i have to send attested copies of mark list to wes. If that is the case, do i need to select attestation fee separately?

  2. Does anyone know the process of WES secondary verification? How to apply. Currently, my application is on hold and WES mentioned that they sent the documents to M.G University for secondary verification and awaiting on their response.

    1. In case WES is not satisfied with documents sent by the university, they will ask for clarification by email as well as postal to the university. During this time your application will be on hold. Since MG university never reply to their emails, it will take 3 weeks for the postal request to be delivered and another 3-6 weeks for the University to respond and for it to be delivered to WES.

      You can check with university after 1 month to know whether they got the request from WES and if they have responded.

    2. Hi Anju,

      Did you get a chance to check with University on the secondary verification. Do we need to pay any additional fees for the same.

      Could you please elaborate the same based on your experience as mine was also the same case.

  3. Hi
    Firstly, let me thank you for this detailed information. It really helped. But I would like to update a few things here. I submitted the copies of the original docs last week and I came across some information during that time.
    1. There is no need for attestation of the copies to be submitted which include no attestation of class 10 certificate by a gazetted officer. Just hand them the copies to the concerned block.
    2. While making an online payment, please note that there is a third option in the transmission fees slot: Speed post for foreign countries (2100 Rupees). This has been updated just recently.
    I made my payment before this option was updated. As I wanted speed post option for the same, I called the office to find out if I could make changes. As my docs are still processing I was lucky, the helpline person told me to enter a balance fee in the miscellaneous section and submit the receipt to the concerned section.

  4. I submitted the copies of the required documents to MG university last week along with the e-payment receipt. During payment, there was this slot for transmission fees which had only 2 options: inside India and outside India. I opted for the latter inorder to be mailed to WES Canada. Now it is by chance that I happened to find out today that they have put a 3rd option: speed post for international purpose and the fee is 2100 rupees. I inquired the office about this since I favour the 3rd option. I was told that I could enter the balance amount in the miscellaneous slot but I found it impossible to enter the same as it had only 2 options: application fees and not applicable. What should I do? Is there anybody who faced this same problem and got it rectified? Please let me know.

  5. Hi,

    I was applying to MG university for academic transcripts – 2 copies, 1 for WES and 1 for myself. Do I meed to attach 2 copies of all my documents. Just wanted to understand if the transcript is something university prepares and send or they just attest and send the documents we submit to them.


  6. This blog was really helpful for me while applying for Transcripts from MG University.
    However, I would like to add on few points based on my experience here,

    1. For students who have started their degree (only for BTech) before the year 2010, a CD with the soft copy of transcript is required to be submitted along with the documents mentioned above.
    Please note that the course start year is considered, not the completion year.

    Inorder to prepare the CD, seek assistance from any of the photostat stores opposite to the University main gate. They will charge an amount around 150/- to get this prepared.

    This CD also needs to be tied along with the documents before submitting.

    2. While filling the Academic Records Request Form, in the field, ‘Name of the Institution’ , enter “M G University’ and not the college name.
    Two copies of this filled form needs to be attached before submitting.

  7. Hi,
    I can see from the WES website that, I can send the copy of degree certificate directly to WES. Only the transcript needs to be send by the university. My queries :

    1. Do the degree certificate copy needs to be attested ?
    2. Whether this should be send inside a sealed envelope? With university stamp or something ?

    1. 1. No. You need to send a color copy of the certificate
      2. No. Normal postal envelope. Send it as registered international mail for tracking.

  8. Hi,
    My documents were send by university to WES in August 2019. On October 4th, 2019, WES has resend my documents via mail and post for re-verification by the university. I got a mail stating the following:
    “WES has sent photocopies of your documents for verification both electronically and by standard postal mail to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. Your WES file is on hold until we receive a written response from this institution.”

    After this there is no update from the University. I have tried contacting the WES person in COE office, but she replied stating that due to exam duty there, my document verification is being delayed.
    How do I know the status of my documents?
    What should I do here? Should I just keep waiting?

    1. Seems to be happening quite often these days. It takes about 3 months for MG university to respond to these queries sent by WES. Visit university directly to confirm they have received the documents from WES and they have replied.

  9. Helo I completed bsc nursing from Mahatma gandhi university now I would like to do WES for canada immigration and I wish to know that I have already registered and paid 305$ in WES website and would like to know that how I sent my degree certificate to WES and the transcript

  10. Dear sir,
    On April i submitted kerala and mg university for wes verification. Now its on hold and i got below msg from wes

    “Thank you for submitting your credentials for evaluation to World Education Services (WES)

    This is to advise you that WES has sent photocopies of your documents for verification both electronically and by standard postal mail to University of Kerala. Your WES file is on hold until we receive a written response from this institution.

    Your institution requires a fee in order to verify the authenticity of your credentials. Please send your payment directly to the institution. Do not send payment to WES. It will be returned to you.

    Response times vary and can take just a few days or can extend to weeks. If we do not receive a response from the institution within seven weeks, we will automatically send another request. There is nothing that you need to do at this time. This communication is strictly between WES and the institution.”

    What i need to do in this case. Is there any fees for reverification?

    1. Hi ,
      Today I send my brother to MG UNIVERSITY for doing my degree credentials. The thing is that while we paying fees we select only first option and the university will send only our mark list to Wes , but the Wes need both degree certificates and mark sheets .I spoke with university staff then pay a fee for degree certificate so total 5000 for both mark sheet and degree explain in detail to then otherwise they will not done correctly. ??‍♀️

      1. WES only need transcript from University. For copy of the degree of the certificate, you can take a color copy of the certificate and send it to WES. This is the exact instruction given on WES website.

    2. Hi
      Did you make any progress from that step? I am in the same situation. Called Mg university staff, they told me I should pay Indian rupees equivalent to 50$ as a re-verification fee. But I could not find that in the Instant pay option. Please help

  11. I am planning to do B-Tech and M-Tech Degree transcript attestation and degree certicate attestation from M.G University for WES Canada.
    Fees For the process is showing in the University website is as per below.

    1) Official Transcript of Marklist with the seal and Signature of the Authentication Officer (per course) (search fee extra): 2000 Rupees
    2) Attestation/Genuineness Verification/of each copy of Degree Certificate: 2000 Rupees
    3) Attestation/Genuineness Verification- of each copy of Marklist: 560 Rupees.

    DO I need to pay for all the three options above or 1 & 2 will be sufficient.
    I am confused with different replies receiving from different sources.

    Anyone who has done the attestation process recently, please reply.
    Waiting for advise. Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    Should I provide the transcripts with an envelope or inside the envelope having Wes address. ?
    And also should I submit CD along with it.?
    Will pareeksha BHavan send the transcripts directly to WES and how will I follow up?
    Is and B.A transcripts submitted at different room or same room in pareeksha BHavan?

    1. No envelope. Submit all documents with application form and WES form. Yes, they will send it directly if you have remitted the fee for the same. Each degree is processed by different rooms. CD is still be requested by some departments.

  13. Hi, Mkerala
    Need a clarification.
    I have completed my Graduation from MGU as well as PG diploma from an autonomous institution. When I applied for ECA, WES demanded my graduation documents also . Do I need to send transcripts from both the universities?

      1. Hi ,
        One more clarification . I’m abroad now so I will send all documents to my home address and is it possible to send the challan payed receipt with that. Is there any rule that challan should paid the same day while anyone submitting my application in MGU?

  14. Hi,

    i have completed my and from M.G university do I need to pay for it individually and transcript to be done for each case as a seperate course.

    1. Thank you Mr.George for getting my Official Transcript from both Calicut University and MG University. Thanking MKERALA too!

      1. Hi Samson
        Given below are the details and procedures of having SSLC and Plus two official Transcripts.
        DD for Rs 100
        A4 Envelop and Rs 1400 Stamp
        Request letter
        All certificate copy
        Submit Application at Pareeksha Bhavan,Poojappura,Trivandrum

        PLUS TWO
        Chellan for Rs 150 from District Treassury
        A4 Envelop and Rs 1400 Stamp
        Request letter
        All certificate copy
        Submit Application at 2nd Floor, Housing Board Buildings, Thampanoor-Panavila Rd, Santhi Nagar, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695001


    2. Thank you @MG UNIVERSITY,I got my Wes report today:Those who can’t apply for transcript directly can approach him,because he is doing a great job,he helped me a lot in getting my transcript.

  15. Hi
    I am a freelance consultant doing official transcript work for different Universities in Kerala and Bharathiar University Coimbatore. If you want to know more about my service please not hesitate to contact. My Mobile number is 9633059959

    1. I received very prompt & courteous service from MGU Transcript.

      I was in Dubai and needed the transcript from MG University, Kerala. I contacted MGU Transcript and George processed it on my behalf. He is quite knowledgeable & gave me regular updates.

      I definitely would recommend them to anyone who are not able to personally go and apply for transcripts.

  16. Does the MG university people responded to the request over the mail properly? What I meant is that if I send all the documents (as required for the transcript) including the payment slip over the email. would they proceed to transmit documents to WES, because I am abroad and not able to go directly.

    1. They never reply to any emails. Also as per process you need to submit documents in physical, so email request are not accepted. You can send someone to apply for transcript on your behalf.

  17. I applied Attestation/Genuineness verification of each copy of degree certificate from mg university for BCA and MCA. When I contacted university,they replied that they have already sent to Wes. Before two weeks,status in my Wes profile got updated as documents are under review. But now it got updated again to on hold. It is shown as they are waiting for Degree Certificate (Final or Provisional) of both BCA and MCA. It is also shown as Statement of Marks are accepted of BCA and MCA. What should I do? Do I need to go university and apply for anything else? I did all the process for Wes myself ,not by any consultancy. I don’t have any idea what’s next.

    1. Same thing happened to me. 3 weeks before it was a under review. Now its shown as on hold and waiting for marklist of Degree and MCA? But Degree and MCA Certificated are accepted. But in your case problem is with Degree and MCA certificates, which was supposed to be sent by us directly to them.. Sent the Certificates once more

  18. Hi Folks,
    My transcript application submission was successfully done in August at EL II section. The concerned section authority didn’t give any contact number for the follow-up of the process and there was a severe rejection on my request.
    Now I have been trying to reach to that section via reception, by taking the section number 0481 2733695/3648 since last week; but I am unlucky to feel that happiness the number is not working.
    I am planning to evaluate the transcript, not with WES, so I required the transcript by postal. Does anyone have the same issue?
    I would like to congratulate the creator, mentor and supporter of this forum for their tremendous hard work, an idea even pain which they had felt earlier with the University process.
    Good Luck! Thanks

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