MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?


If you are planning to apply for a Transcript from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, then continue reading to get an overview of the process.

Step 1 – Pay the fee online:  There are no more cash payments accepted at the university and all fees have to be paid online. As the university updates the fee from time to time, please check the fee for (Official Transcript of Marklist with the seal and Signature of the Authentication Officer) on below link.


E-Payment Portal:

  1. Open E-Payment portal and select certificates
  2. Click on “Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification” or use direct link
  3. Enter your details and select the drop-down list as follows.
    1. Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript
    2. Miscellaneous: Not Applicable
    3. Transmission Charges: Transmission Charges – Outside India (Directly sent from University to the institution. For WES, use this option) Update: Speed Post to Foreign Countries now available for Rs 2100
    4. Late Fee for Official Transcript/ Genuineness Verification: (select as applicable) image
  4. Enter the captcha and proceed to payment.
  5. Download and take a print out of the challan.

Step 2 – Prepare documents required for application You will need the following documents to be submitted to obtain the transcript from university. (Arranged in following order below and tied with a string)

  1. Print out of fee payment receipt with challan no: and barcode
  2. Application form for transcript (Download)
  3. Copy of all year/semester mark sheets and degree certificate. (Both sides)
  4. Gusseted officer attested Copy of SSLC Certificate
  5. For WES Canada, 2 copies of Academic Records Request Form and color copy of degree certificate to be sent to WES along with transcript. 

Update: Gusseted officer attested copy no longer required. 

Additional CD requirement for BTech courses started before 2010

For students who have started their BTech course before 2010, a CD with the soft copy of application is required to be submitted along with the documents mentioned above. Please note that the course start year is considered, not the completion year.
In order to prepare the CD, seek assistance from any of the photostat stores opposite to the University main gate. They will charge an amount around Rs 150/- to get this prepared. This CD also needs to be tied along with the documents before submitting.

Step 3 – Visit MG university and apply:  First thing you need to do as soon you arrive at the university is to visit the Visitor information center near the entrance so you can confirm you got all the documents and get directions to the “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” where you will submit the application based on your course. So the process would be as follows.

  1. Visit information center located at the left side of the main entrance and confirm you have got all documents required.
  2. Ask for directions to “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” and section where you need to submit your application based on the course you have done. (For B-Tech transcripts, “New Pariksha Bhavan building, Ground floor, Room no. 105”)
  3. At “New Pariksha Bhavan Building” go to the section for your course. There should be a list on the wall showing desk no: for each college. Find your college on the list and submit the application to the staff.
  4. They may ask you to visit the accounts section and verify the online fee paid.
  5. If all required documents are okay, they will accept the application.

Step 4 – Getting the transcript  The processing time is typically four weeks and they will call you once it is ready. Either you can go to the university and collect it personally or they will send it to your home address or directly to the institution if postage is paid along with the fee. Below is the image of a sealed transcript from MG University.

Note: As per the new process, WES only accept Transcript directly sent by the university.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out this article for more details***

Note: As the process could change from time to time, please check with university information counter. Continue reading for some tips and common question you may have.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Do I need to go to University in person to apply for the transcript?

Ans: Either you or an authorised person by you can submit the application on your behalf. MG University does not have an option for online application. 

  • Is there any agency or agent that help me with applying for a transcript?

Ans: Yes, there are many agents that offer this service. Please check our article on agents offering University transcript and attestation service. 

  • How long it takes for the university to send the transcript?

Ans: Typically takes around 3 weeks for the university to process the transcript and send it. For delivery to WES or another institution outside India, it will take around 3 weeks by normal post. For Speed-post, it will take around one week time. 

  • Can I pay the fee directly at the university or anywhere nearby?

Ans: No, MG University has made all fee payment online. You could pay at the nearby internet cafe, but they may charge you extra and there will be a long wait time at busy hours.

  • Can I ask the university to send the transcript directly to WES or any institutions?

Ans: Yes, however, if the institution is outside India it can take up to a month to reach them and you won’t be able to track it. Therefore, it is always better to get the transcript to your address and use DHL or another good courier for faster delivery with tracking. Tip: You can send the transcript to WES for as low as Rs 999 here via this link. Note: WES only accepts transcripts directly sent by the University.

  • Does WES or other institutions accept the transcript if we sent it? 

Ans: Yes, the only condition is to send it in a sealed envelope as given to you by the university. In short, do not open the small packet as shown in the image above.  WES no longer accepts transcript sent by individuals.

  • How do I contact the university or know the status of my application?

Ans: The university should contact you in case of any issues or when the transcript is ready. If you haven’t been contacted after the given timeline(3 weeks), you can contact the section where you submitted the application. Click here to get the contact number

If you have any questions please drop a comment below and check back later to see our response.

***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

334 thoughts on “MG University Transcript: How to apply for Transcript WES Canada?

  1. Hi,
    For WES, Do we need to show original certificates in University?
    And, do we need colour copies of all the certificates?

  2. Hey, Thank you for updating the important information about how to apply for transcript from MG University for WES. Can you please update an information how to do the same in Kerala University.


    1. Sorry, we don’t have information about Kerala university process yet. But we will look into getting the information and creating the article.

  3. Hi Praveen
    Did you make any progress from that step? I am in the same situation. Called Mg university staff, they told me I should pay Indian rupees equivalent to 50$ as a re-verification fee. But I could not find that in the Instant pay option. Please help

  4. WES has send my documents for verification to MG university. They are doing this due to increase in fraud incidents. In the mail from WES they have notified that ‘Your institution requires a fee in order to verify the authenticity of your credentials and please pay it’. How to pay it online or will MGU inform us the same?

    1. Please visit university after 3 weeks of the email by then the University will receive the request from WES by post.

  5. 1) Do the person applying transcript need to visit University for this ?
    2) Is it possible to receive multiple transcript, one delivered to my home and one for WES verification?

      1. Hi
        can you please inform if there is any specific format in which the CD must be submitted to MGU? Can the CD be prepared by the applicant itself i.e. can i just include all attachments as soft copies in the CD and submit along with my application?
        I am presently outside the country so if it is just a normal CD i can just send it by post with all hard copies .

        1. Yes there. Best to pay Rs 150 at the nearby shop to prepare it. You cannot submit application for transcript by post.

          1. Is this the total fee? Don’t we need to pay additional fee for every marklists and degree certificate?

      2. If i apply once, can the MGU take a copy of it for WES purpose before they send it to my address. This will save all the time involved in getting the consolidated marklist and then sending it back to them for WES verification. Further, why would we have to reapply for the marklist for WES purpose when the WES requires only the copy of the trasncript and not the original copy.

        1. Copies are not accepted by WES. It need to be sealed and signed by the controller of exam for which MG charges the fee.

  6. Hello your blog was very helpful, I had written my semester 8 exam in may 2009 and had a failed subject which I rewrote in December 2009 and received the whole pass in December, but the university asked for my semester 8 marklist to prepare transcripts. Are they referring to the May 2009 marklist? I had not received it then but only in December . Does MG univ provide the one in May and is it necessary? Please let me know your feedback.

      1. Yes but they are insisting i produce the first attempt semester 8 marklist. Can you let me know the procedure for that?

  7. Hello mate, happy new year. I just wanted to confirm with you if, by selecting this option at the time of making fee payment “Official Transcript/Genuineness Verification: Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript”, the transcript i receive will be duely stamped and signed by the university registrar or controller of examination? I need to deliver the transcript to NASBA USA. Thank You.

    1. It will be the controller of examination. You can ask the university to send it directly to NASBA USA after remitting international postage fee.

  8. As of 1/4/2020

    WES has asked for re verification and they have sent the docs to Mg university. I rang up university and came to know that we need to pay 50 dollars online via the portal and take the receipt and go to the counter in Mg university(not sure of the counter though). Staff of Mg university confirmed that they will not be sending any courier but only mail to WES . My question here is then why do they need 50 dollars if everything is happening through mail and if I need to pay 50 dollars, what option do I need to select in the epayment

    1. I don’t think they ask to pay in dollars. Also, the cost is not just to for the postage. You need to pay the expense to prepare the response for all details WES asked the university and get it signed by the exam controller along with international postage fee. Anyway, the fee should be almost equivalent to transcript fee which is Rs 2500 in total.

      I will be publishing a new article soon on the process when WES ask the university for more verification.

      1. Hi, I received a call from Mg University stating that they received a re-verification request mail from WES.They asked me to pay INR equivalent to 50 USD and e-mail the payment receipt to them. I am confused which option to select while doing the payment. Should I pay the amount in the same link : And I do not see any option in drop down as Reverification.
        Please help me on this.

  9. I have applied for official Transcript for btech and mba on October 23. Its almost 2 months but the WES have no update on documents received. How long should i wait before checking with the university.

    1. It takes 3 weeks for university to process and send it to WES. Then another 3 weeks for India post to deliver it to Canada. Check with the university for current status.

  10. Hai my query is that is their any fees to be paid at the university when WES sends back the copies of certificates for verification to the university kindly do reply

    1. Yes, there is a fee. University has to pay postage to sent the reply and other administrative charges. Please check with the university for exact cost.

      1. Whom to contact at university, is it the registrar for the extra charges they might have to bare when they have to sent back documents to Wes after verification?
        Kindly answer.

      2. Could you guide me the additional verification process in detail ?

        1. Can we expect any email or phone call from university related to additional fee or documentation?

        2. Is there any fee and how much?

        3. What will happen if I am unable to visit university to enquire about this ? ( I am out of Country)

        4. How does university will send back the verification report to WES, is it by email or post?

        1. 1. Nope. You have to check with university after 3 weeks of WES notifying about it.
          2. Yes, please check with university as it varies depending on your degree.
          3. Please send someone on your behalf.
          4. Post only and it takes 3 weeks to reach them. So in total it takes 2-3 months for the whole process.

  11. Hi,

    My transcripts (BPharm) were sent back to Mg university from Wes for re verification. Whom should I contact to know if they have received the mail from Wes and replied to it ?

    1. They rarely reply to any emails. WES also sends letter by post. So wait for 3 weeks for the letter to be delivered and visit the same department you submitted the transcript.

      1. Thanks. But it was done by an agent as I am in muscat. So, in that case can you kindly advise me coz my agency confirmed they don’t deal with re verification. Do you know anyone I can contact to check this out?

        1. You can send it directly to WES, no need to any agents. Ask agent for the WES login he used to get the address and reference number.

          1. The transcripts were sent back from Wes to mg university. I only wanted to know whom I should contact at mg university to know if they have received any parcel from Wes? Can you please advise.

          2. Its not the transcript that was sent back. WES ask for further verification via email and letter to the university and they need to respond. This typically takes around 3 weeks to reach university and 4 weeks for University response to reach WES. Check with University inquiry office and department that prepared your transcript after 3 weeks of WES sending the letter to University.

  12. I have already completed the transcript process for my Btech Certificate and marklist. I selected the option “Fee for official transcript of marksheet/syllabus/academic transcript”,but from WES, I got an update saying that degree certificate not received.Should I need to do the whole process again for my degree certificate ?
    I have seen another option like “Attestation and Genuineness verification of each copy of Degree Certificate” and should I need to select this option for degree certificate transcript?

      1. Thank you soo much..
        Really helped your blog. Today I submitted all documents in University. I could completed everything in 1 time.

        I have one doubt. I have completed my MBA in 2015 and collected the degree certificate in 2017. While registering in WES I mentioned Year of Award as 2015. From University, they told to change the year to 2017 in request form.
        Now the years are different in WES system and Request form. Any issue will be there?

  13. Hi,

    I just need to know if am I am outside India can I authorize someone to submit these documents on behalf of me.Should I need to send original sslc certificate by mail.

  14. Hi,
    I did BA and MA from MG university, 2009 and 2013 pass out. Do I need to submit CD along with transcript application?or simply submitting the copies of certificates will do? i need to to do it for both the courses. plz help.

        1. There are agencies that offer service. But we can’t recommend any as we have not used them or know how reliable they are. You can read comments below for some recommendations from our users.

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