MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]


Due to COVID19, MG University has now launched an online application process for official transcript requests. If you require a transcript for completing WES education assessment then continue reading to understand the new process.

Note: WES has recently started asking for re-verification of Degree Certificate after submitting the transcript. Hence, “Guinness verification of Degree Certificate” is also required at a later stage. To reduce the chance of WES asking for re-verification, you can apply for Guinness verification of Degree Certificate along with the transcript and same send to WES to avoid future delays. To know more about WES secondary verification please check out our other article.

Autonomous and off-campus: Online process not available for Autonomous and off-campus students. These students are advised to contact, for the postal process.

Online application portal:

Documents required for application

  • Scanned copies of the following(Max size: 500KB):-
    • 10th certificate or SSLC book (Self Attested)
    • 12th or Plus II Certificate (Self Attested)
    • Degree certificate or Provisional certificate as applicable. (Front and Back without self attesting)
    • Consolidated mark list /grade cards (This should be your last sem Grade card which has mark list for all sems – Self Attested)
    • All mark lists/grade cards (year wise / semester wise as applicable) of the programme for all regular and improvement chances (Self Attested)
    •  For WES/IQAS: A duly filled in Academic Records Request Form to be forwarded to WES/ IQAS with the transcript. Hence, the student is directed to fill up the top portion of the form and put his /her signature at the appropriate column (if applicable). (For WES Canada, download Academic Records Request Form )

Fees and other charges

  • Fee for Official Transcript of Marks/Grade points: Rs. 2100/- per copy.
  • Search fee: as shown below:
    • Within one year of publication of result: Nil.
    • After One year of publication of result, but before 5 years: Rs.55/-
    • After 5 year of publication of result, but before 10 years: Rs.105/-
    • After 10 year of publication of result: Rs.265/-
  • Transmission charges are applicable as shown below:
    • Transmission charge(within India): Rs.80/-
    • Transmission charge(Outside India): Rs.420/-
    • Express(Speed) post charges (outside India): Rs.2100/-

How to apply online for Transcript?

  1. Visit
  2. In the Choose Your Service drop-down select APPLICATION FOR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT.
  3. Scroll down and fill Academic Details as applicable for your course. Note: For Btech select Study Type: Professional/Courses with Fee variation

4. Enter your Contact Details and address to which transcript needs to be sent. For WES, ensure you enter WES address in Address to which the document to be send.

5. Enter Additional Information if any and select applicable option for Where to send the documents and mode of transmission.

6. Upload scanned copies of required documents. Note: Click on Add more to upload all mark lists/grade card for each sem/year.

7. Complete Disclaimer and Enter Captcha and click Register

8. You will receive an OTP on your email. Enter OTP and continue

9. Total Fee will be displayed. Click on Proceed to Payment.

10. Complete the payment online to submit the application.

How to contact University and check the status of your application? 

Once you submit the application it takes up to 3 weeks to process your application. In case of any issues, University will contact you. However, if you wish to contact the university to know the status of your application click on the below link to get contact details for each section. You will need to contact the section for your corresponding course and college.

Download: MG University contact details for each section

MG University helpline numbers: 0481 2731000, 2733626, 2733516, 2733526, 2733535, 2733550, 2733565, 2733580. Mobile Numbers: 8330013004, 8330013005, 8330013006, 8330013007, 8330013008, 8330013009.

E-mail ids:,,


E-PAYMENT Help Line Number: 0481 2733430, 2732010,
Email Id:

Escalations and Grievances



***WES has started asking for secondary verification of transcript due to increased fraud. Please check out our other article for more details***

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Please share your experience via comment once you complete the process. This is a community powered blog and your experience will help others in your similar position.

557 thoughts on “MG University Online Application for Transcript [New Process]

  1. Responding to Rs 2100 per transcript, in foreign universities, it’s one transcript for the Bachelor degree. Just confirming it is the same because agent says I’m doing wrong and he’ll do it for Rs 30K

    1. Why you need multiple transcript for same degree? He is trying to scam you.

      If your university has asked for transcript, then it is one transcript per course/degree. Also you don’t need genuineness verification, its only for WES.

  2. Could you please advise on the costs? Is it RS 2,100 per marksheet or is it total. I’ve uploaded Degree, plus the 6 marksheets & supporting docs (SSC, +2), selected Express courier outside of India and cost Rs4,305. Question 2: Should I wait for MGU acknowledgement before splurging on Genuineness verification fees?

    1. Rs. 2100/- per transcript. Express courier is costly hence Rs 4,305.

      Genuineness verification may be required at later stage hence to save time you can do it now.

  3. Hello

    I applied for transcript in MG university for WES verification but forgot to apply for Genuineness verification of Degree certificate.

    Can someone guide on what all certificates needs to be applied?

  4. I had submitted the transcript application online, but currently in the wes portal its showing my Degree certificate has not arrived. Only the individual certificates have arrived. Is there any thing we do? Do I have to apply for the transcript again ?

    It took almost 4 months for them to send it. And when it arrived there this is the situation.

  5. Hi, I had done my B.Com from through a Private Institute affiliated to the MG University. But, the college / Institute is not listed in the colleges list. What to do in this case? Kindly advise.

  6. To anyone waiting to do this process, please keep in mind that MG University does not do this in 3 weeks like it is claimed here. I know multiple cases that have been pending for many months now. My own WES is pending from September 2020! I call and follow up with the concerned department on a daily basis, and still there is no work done and there is no movement. Of course this is a really bad situation, and I am just pointing this out just so that folks can set their expectations on the timeline.

  7. I had filled in all details for Transcript requisition attaching all required documents. I received an OTP in my email. Kindly advise where i have to enter this OTP number to proceed further.

  8. WES now accepts electronic transcripts and certification sent by the university instead of post. This means university can just email wes. But for this the university has to have contacted wes and agreed for safe electronic transfer. Does MG university have electronic transfer with WES ?

  9. Hi,

    I have submitted my transcript application for WES on Jan first week, could you kindly give an update on the minimum dates required for processing the same. How can I contact the university for the same?

  10. Hey Koshy, I applied for mine in October and didn’t hear anything for months, few weeks ago someone from university called to verify if I got any updates. She said there has been a lot of backlog because of COVID ..maybe less staff or something not sure. Then said it will be dispatched soon after they get someone’s sign in a few days … I thought they could directly send it online to WES maybe I am wrong but the lady told they will courier and we can track.. only problem is I haven’t got any info after that and like you said.. no one answers any call or replies to any messages and WES still shows on hold… so yeah.. still waiting…Since you applied in November maybe they will call you sometime soon..

  11. THANK YOU Mkerala . The article was really helpful . I was able to submit the Transcript & Guinness verification of Degree Certificate without difficulty .
    Sharing an experience in the process .. I had submitted application in December , waited for about 1 month and no reply was received from university , so tried daily the helpline numbers mentioned and after 2 week try only call connected . Then they shared the helpline number of my college and there also i had to try many times to connect the call . The reason they said was that many requests from October was pending and due to that the slowness .. What i will say is to keep trying the helpline numbers ..Also if any mistake in application , university will give a call .. Because , I had submitted every marklist as self attested color copy after going through some of the comments .. But i got a call from university asking me to share the final degree certificate WITHOUT self attestation . They called me and shared the mail address to which i need to send it .. Also i had not submitted the copy of back page of degree certificate . This was also shared only after call .

  12. Hi, while doing online transcript request form in University site, I missed in attaching one document. Payment already done.Can you please guide me how to rectify.

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